Tuesday, November 06, 2007

You do the math

So I was in the mood for some Italian food today and thought maybe Mikayla and I could share a small cheese pizza from Prima Pasta (one of the BEST restaurants EVER) and go eat it at a park or something. I called and they informed me it'd be $8.65. WHAT??! I thought that was a bit overpriced, so I opted to go inside with my daughter, and enjoy a meal together. We shared some delicious HOT bread with butter, a salad with house dressing, and a super yummy pasta sampler for $5.49 (+ tax/tip). What a deal, eh? We both were quite satisfied and I got to just enjoy a quiet lunch with my girl, while someone waited on us and cleaned up after us. Think I made the right decision? I sure do! We even shared a green mint afterwards just IN CASE we happened to have garlic breath.... which I'm pretty sure we didn't :)

And I discovered that my tastes have changed. I think I'm growing up a bit. I no longer like ... sixlets! Can you believe it?? I kinda can't. Then Grace told me it's b/c it has wax in it. Makes good sense to me to put wax in cheap chocolate. right? wrong. It did take eating about 14 of the little guys to realize what exactly took place with my taste buds. NOT good anymore. I actually threw the rest of them in the trash. (I used to LOVE those things! and Wendy's, too, but that's another story).

Later gaters. or is it gators? I have no idea.


Grace said...

i'm going with gators. honestly, i think the reason i never post is because i use all the brains i have for daily comments. man, girl. you're a superstar with this posting thing. wish i were there to go to prima pasta with you. of course, then it wouldn't have been such a "quiet lunch" anymore. but who ever said silence is golden? nobody. call me some time. love you.

Joan Dodson said...

Hi Sarah, I am Angie and Nathan's neighbor. I read her blog everyday and came across your comment-surprised when I saw your name. As you see, I also am a Dodson, coming from the middle part of Tennessee to Memphis to start a career in nursing. Just thought I would say "hello". You sound like someone I would enjoy knowing. Good luck with your new Dodson.

sarahdodson said...

Hi, Joan! It's always nice to see another Dodson. :) Do you have a blog of your own??

Thanks for commenting. I don't get many (as you can see!), so it's a treat for me.