Sunday, November 11, 2007

over 70 percent there!

I'm so excited. I'm now 28/40 weeks along in this pregnancy. What a delightful one it's been! HEARTBURN is a huge thing now. I used to only get it at night, but now it can hit at any time- no matter what I eat. Thankfully, popping a few rolaids temporarily brings much relief. :) Also I'm trying to do better about exercising. I'm having to walk much slower (due to pain in my tummy if I go too fast). But I know that some walking, even if slow, is definitely better than none. It just makes sense to me.

How was your weekend? Ours was quite nice. Mikayla and I LOVE having Daddy here on Saturday mornings when we awaken. There's nothing quite like it. Although she does get VERY distracted and instead of drinking her milk in a few minutes, it takes a LONG time and she usually doesn't finish when Daddy's around.

I must go shopping tomorrow! We need milk, not to mention TP! Two very essential items for a household, esp. ours.

Grace is coming to see us this weekend!!!!!! Oh, we love that girl!! and her family, too, of course. :) She's truly a delight to be around. AND, she's coming on my dear mommy's birthday. I think we'll find something fun to do...

More later! Good night!


Grace said...

i'm so excited to put my head on your tiny tummy. i love feeling him kick!! at least i have patience. can't wait to see you guys. love you.

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

I had a great week to!
Had Bekah here and then today my best friend and her hubby and twins came for dinner. Was fun!

Emmie said...

See you today, maybe! Call! Lubs!