Monday, January 29, 2007

What kind of police are you?

First of all, ladies, I want to say THANK YOU for the kind comments you left for me regarding my pregnancy. Y'all are great- and I'm thankful:) I cannot BELIEVE Laura D recommended the name Beth- we love it and had been talking about it. We'll see though...

Ok, back to the subject. What kind of police are you? You know, what do you notice about others doing/saying that you just can't help but point out? I'll give you a few examples of some that I know:)

My sister Grace is the "you-must-have-your-nails-trimmed" police.

My mom is the "you've-got-something-on-your-face" police. (at times I'm very grateful for this trait she has!)

My granny(bear) is the "mija-you-must-put-a-hat-on-that-girl" police. (before I had Mikayla, I was "that girl")

Christy is the candle police- it's hilarious. She'll come to your house and BLOW OUT YOUR CANDLES if she feels like they've bee burning long enough. very. funny.

I'm the speed police- wait, don't we already have somebody who has that official job?? I know, I can't help it.

So, I want to hear what you are. Oh yeah, another sweet friend has been called the diaper police. I think I used to be more that way until I had a baby...

I welcome your comments!
Good night:)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Showers of blessings

It is with delight and thankfulness that I share with you that we are expecting another baby! Yay times a lot. (hope that made sense:)

We found out this past week after experiencing (only me, of course- not Jody) nausea and heartburn and a soft belly (but that's from not working out regualarly for the past 2 weeks or so). Oh, we are thrilled as thrilled can be.

Now that my inlaws know, it's finally time to share with my bloggy friends. Mikayla is excited, too, but of course, she's pretty clueless about the whole matter. I think she's just a happy girl.

Today we were trying to think of baby names, going through the alphabet together. I realize it's a a bit early, but we had fun nonetheless. If it's a boy, we have that name. but, we can't agree on a girl's name. Any suggestions out there??

Hope you all have a wonderful week! We're sure planning on doing the same:)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Some pics relating to previous post

Hi, friends. Hope you enjoy the descriptive pics!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Grrr and Brrrr

I just had an almost finished post typed out and I accidentally kicked myself offline. For those of you who have had dsl forever, I realize you might not be familiar with the term "kicked offline." Anyway, rats. So, I'll try to recap, but I'm sure it won't be with as much gusto.

We woke up this morning to the ground so beautifully coverd with SNOW. Wheee! It was gorgeous. And it wasn't the normal TX snow where 1/3 is snow and the other 2/3 dead grass. So, that was a treat. Jody made snow "angels" (sorry Grace), and on his way to work, (after scraping ice and snow from the car), he threw snowballs at me and Mikayla. We WERE inside behind a glass door, but still quite unlike my dear husband. But we (I) loved it. Mikayla gave a little cry b/c she was a bit startled.

The other evening when my friend Christy was here, she distracted me while I was making bread and I forgot to add the FLOUR. I don't know how I did it, but I did. So, I had to rescue the dough from baking, empty the dough into the mixing bowl, add flour, wash pans and regrease and resugar them, THEN put them back into the oven. That was a wild time, to be sure. Come to think of it, neither she OR my mom helped me that night with the bread. They just sat back and smiled (laughed at me). I'm really glad to have such great friends:)

I was struck by this verse while reading in Exodous when the children of Israel were complaining to Moses and Aaron, and Moses answers..."for that the Lord heareth your murmurings which ye murmur against him: and what are we? your murmurings are not against us, but against the Lord." Wow, some serious food for thought there. When we murmur/complain/gripe, etc. it's against the Lord!

I'm going to try to thoroughly enjoy my snowed-in day at home. I'd wanted to get glasses- I lost mine. I like to wear contacts during the day, but it's nice to be able to put glasses on after a long day and let my eyes rest. Anyway, it's been almost a year since I've had glasses. Hopefully, Jody and Mikayla will be able to take me tomorrow. Any good recommendations of where to get a good pair of glasses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Bye for now.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Monday!

I love Mondays. A fresh start to a week. I'm very thankful my dear hubby made it to work safely this morning. It was SOOO icy that we couldn't even get the car doors open. Well, eventually Jody did...

Here's a pic that Jody took of his girls yesterday:

Quite a bit blown-out, but the overall message rings loud and true. We love each other!

We had a lovely Sunday at home. We sang 4 songs that I can "play" on the piano. It was funny b/c when I'd mess up, Jody and I would just quit singing. Good thing I don't play for our church!- the song service would take forever! :) And Jody shared some good thoughts on the verse, Open thou mine eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law. Good stuff.

Ok, it's time to feed my baby girl, who I love sooo much. I hope the ice melts sometime soon. I'm kinda getting cabin fever- boy, I'm pretty spoiled! Hope everyone has a fantastic and delightful day:)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

No church tomorrow

We're sad; our dear pastor called this evening and told us that they called off our meetings tomorrow due to the icy conditions that are present AND expected. We'll have a nice day at home together. I said, shotgun, piano player. And Jody said shotgun preacher:) and Mikayla's taking the offering- ha!

We had a MOST enjoyable time with Grandpa and Emmie this evening. Grace and family were expected to be there, but due to the weather, they cancelled:( So, we figured- the fun must go on! (as I'm typing, Jody and I are watching Mikayla's birth video. sigh. WHAT GOOD MEMORIES! My dear husband is SOOO gentle with her and loving. It thrills my heart to see/hear him in action. As time goes on, he's all the more kind and good to our Mikayla and ME!)Anyway, my dad made some tasty beans, my mom made some yummy rice, and I contributed the guacamole. Delicious meal. And for dessert my dad made some sticky buns and we watched Moby Dick (family tradition). AND enjoyed a lovely and warm fireplace:) Wish those Ledbetters could've been there, but I'm glad they stayed safely at home.

Has anybody ever noticed that when you run out of bottled water, suddenly you feel so parched?? Our tap water is really not horrible at all, but we're so used to the other. And you almost feel like a hero when you actually turn the faucet on and fill your cup up. it's kinda funny to me.

Good night, ladies!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's OVER, officially

How does that saying go.. "quit while you're ahead?" Well, that's what I'm doing. I quit. I don't like having this competition with my dear sister Grace. What exactly did I prove, you know? That I (ONCE) could get more comments? Ok... We all know who's more popular and rightly so. :) Love you, Grace face.

Ever get in the mood for the munchies and have NOTHING in your house to help the ol' craving?? I did- tonight. And, I'll just say tomorrow's payday. So I chomped on some raisins. Didn't quite do it. We do have some triscuits. I've been wanting to post about the new triscuits. Am I the only one who's a huge fan? You know, the kind with Rachel Ray on the front. I like the cracked pepper and olive oil. They are delicious! I had them first @ my in-laws house and fell in like. Another plus is that they're quite fibrous. That makes points in our house, for sure! We're definitely fiber fans.

Tomorrow I have to take our car in to get the wheel cylinder/s (sp?) replaced. Jody talked to the guy who runs TTTire, and he said if I didn't have a ride home, he'd take me home b/c he didn't want me to be waiting there all day with a baby. Wow, isn't that going above and beyond the call of duty?? I thought so. And the other day we needed to get our emergency break fixed (before we could pass inspection) and he offered for us to drop off the vehicle, then they fix it AND get it inspected for us, and afterwards we could pick it up. I'm seroius; those guys are GREAT.

I'm stoked about seeing my dear friend Christy tomorrow. She's so fun. She really brings back memories of my salad days. Aww, such a friendship is priceless.

Does anybody know whatever happened to PrimeTime Thursday?? I used to look forward to it, simply b/c there are not many decent shows out there. Now, I think they replaced it with Earl. Gak. They obviously didn't get MY vote on the matter...

I hope everyone has a good evening/day/whatever.

Please help me deflate an ego!

Ok, my sister Grace
(needless to say) gets WAY more comments than I ever do. And, yes, she brags about it constantly and rubs it in my face, etc. We know the same amount of people (maybe I know even more) and yet, she racks up the comments like there's not tomorrow. And there might not be, I realize. So, in an effort to deflate (just a little) sweet Grace's ego, I'm imploring you to help me get at least ONE more comment than her. JUST THIS ONCE. And hey, if it doesn't work, everyone will at least know that I feel a tad slighted about the whole thing. She needs to be put in her place. I decided that this is going to work even if I have to leave ALL the comments. whoo hoo!

On a more serious note: My mom and I are participating in a challenge to read through the Bible in 90 days. Today was our second day of reading, and it's been a tremendous blessing - how could it not be?? Since the Lord saved me in '96, I've read through the Bible once. I'm looking forward to learning more of my Great God!

So, if you have a favorite verse, quote, color of nail polish, time of day, person, pair of shoes, chore, collection, book, movie, country, drink @ Starbucks, perfume -
please comment and share, ok? Off to the real world where laundry and dishes await me.
ps. I forgot to mention that there remains no bitterness in my heart toward my sissy. in fact, she's a great writer and a really fun person indeed.

Friday, January 05, 2007

A day at Emmie's house

What would a week be without a trip to Emmie's house? Right? Oh, it's so much fun over here:) My mom so kindly cooked me some fish sticks, Annie's mac 'n' cheese, and prepared for me a lovely salad. And before our walk, Emmie took this pic of Mikayla with her lambchop (acc. to Mikayla, the very best stuffed animal a little girl could have) from her Aunt Laura. Note the very soiled ear on the little lamb, and Mikayla's teeth- two new ones coming in on the top!

And, here's a "new" verse I came across and LOVED:

O continue thy lovingkindness unto them that know thee;
and thy righteousness to the upright in heart.
~Psalm 36:10