Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"swimming on you"

Have I EVER heard those words before?? Referring to clothing? NO. Until today!

Jody, Mikayla and I (and little Joseph, of course) went to pick out our son's coming home outfit, which he will, Lord willing, be wearing in about 19 weeks. :) So, we finally decided on one (SO CUTE!) and then went to the men's section to pick out a red shirt for Jody. (We're planning on having a family pic done soon and we want to all be wearing red shirts and jeans.)

After we found Jody's shirt, we headed to the catalog section to order my red shirt to match. The sales lady tried to help us find the red color red for the particular shirt I wanted. I then said that I wasn't sure whether or not to get a large or xlarge. She then looked at me, said I was "small boned" (WHAT???) like her daughter and the xlarge would be "swimming" on me. NEVER have I heard those words. It was a hoot. Especially being 21 weeks pregnant and feeling (and looking) quite mooshy (is that a word?). Crazy stuff tonight in JCPenney, I tell you. ;)

As you can see, I didn't stay home all day. I did wait to leave the house 'til Jody got home. I had a wonderfully relaxing day at home with my girl. And just to throw this in, I did NOT get the MAYBEs done that I'd listed in my previous post. oh well. good night!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Tomorrow's plans

Get ready, friends, for an exciting post.

Tomorrow I plan to:

~sleep in
~put laundry away
~read some more
~MAYBE vacuum
~MAYBE dust
~take a nap
~not go anywhere (at least not until hubby gets home)

Now doesn't that sound NICE?? To me it sure does. But, you know how plans can soemtimes go. I'll probably be gone all morning and get back home just in time to greet my lovebug. (Noooooo!)

Pregnancy continues to go well. My growing belly is definitely making its entry. Wow.

I had a nice morning walk with my dear mommy today and my dad so kindly watched and fed Mikayla for me. Isn't that GREAT?? We're going to try to walk together twice a week. Any more than that and I'm afraid of what would happen. Just joking, of course.

Grace is Mrs. Running Queen lately. Grrrr. She's just trying to make me jealous. She'll be competing in a 5k in OCT- my BIRTH month. :) Yikes, I'm going to be 28. Good job, Grace, by the way.

Off to read up on some of my favorite blogs.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

11 years ago today...

The Lord so mercifully saved me. I'd wanted to write a long, well thought out post, but alas, I'm here in McKinney and am quite "busy" watching two small girls:) (while Grace and Ma go to pick up Ian from SCHOOL!). I'm so very blessed by my God's goodness to me, his faithfulness and his great grace. Such an unworthy person, and yet the Lord chose to bestow his love upon ME! Such knowledge is too wonderful for me! (isn't that verse?)

My dear brother-in-law Dean so kindly changed my pic on my blog. See it? He's great. and he told me that he even took away the blemishes. gulp. :) Thanks, Dean!

I miss my hubby. Lord willing, I'll be seeing him tomorrow.

ps. I'm 20+ weeks along!!! And am feeling terrific! :) a little heartburn, but nothing that isn't very easily remedied.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Definition of especial: special; exceptional; outstanding

Yes, after some consideration, I find that word quite accurately describes my mommy. The other day I was in desperate need of help. My poor refrigerator had definitely plummeted to the very bottom of my priority list and was a disaster! She so generously gave of her time and energies and got it back into tip top shape. And I'm SO proud of it. I dare any of you to find one bad crumb in the whole thing! Just kidding:) kinda.

Just thought I'd share that.

ps. she's...............GREAT!

Monday, September 10, 2007

My dear Joseph

We are expecting a BOY! And will be naming him Joseph Daniel (after his daddy and my brother Dan). We are thrilled. It was wonderful seeing the little guy moving around. My parents, Mikayla, and Christy all came towatch- it was sure a treat to have them there! We are thankful , we are happy, we are surprised!

While my appt was going on, a dear Christian girl (Amy Wilhoite) who had quite a struggle with cancer, went home to be with her Lord. I'm so happy for her. The timing of it is just so interesting to me. What a testimony she left!

I'm off to make some chicken salad for my lovebug so he has something to eat @ work tomorrow:)

Ps 139:14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Guesses are free and welcomed:)

Okay, so less than 24 hours from now, we hopefully will be finding out the gender of our baby! Whoo hoo! A few more days and I will be halfway through this pregnancy. Can you believe it?? So, any guesses out there?? Jody and I are both thinking girl (I guess b/c we already have one). BUT, it makes me wonder b/c we are so set on a boy's name and kinda juggling around a girl's name. Not that that means anything, but it's interesting:)

Good night!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What might've been

Well, today marks the "due date" of our second baby we lost. We never did get a due date from the dr b/c no heartbeat was ever found. But, according to my calculations, today would have been the due date.

A girl I was reading about (on a website I frequent) had 9 miscarriages and was on her 10th pregnancy. She found out about a week ago that she miscarried again at about 17 weeks:( She said she has given up. Another woman tried to encourage her by telling her she knew of a woman who had 27 miscarriages before giving birth to healthy twins (at almost 50 years old). WOW! I canNOT fathom that. Sometimes it's easy to miss people's hurts by focusing on your own. I don't want to do that.

Thankfully, the Lord has been so kind to us in giving us another baby to look forward to! He has indeed given strength to us and blessed us with peace! We praise Him for that:) I am growing like crazy and Lovin' it! I officially got back into exercising again. Phew! It's about time. I'm getting a bit soft. ha!

Mikayla had her first dentist appt yesterday. It was pretty funny, actually. The dentist held her, she screamed, and he then declared that she had no cavities (or sugar bugs, as Grace calls them). Yay! Then she got a toy. And he told me to get her off the bottle. It's NOT going well. ANY tips??

Almost 19 weeks along! WHEEE!! I must get housework done at some point today:) Toodles!