Monday, September 24, 2007

Tomorrow's plans

Get ready, friends, for an exciting post.

Tomorrow I plan to:

~sleep in
~put laundry away
~read some more
~MAYBE vacuum
~MAYBE dust
~take a nap
~not go anywhere (at least not until hubby gets home)

Now doesn't that sound NICE?? To me it sure does. But, you know how plans can soemtimes go. I'll probably be gone all morning and get back home just in time to greet my lovebug. (Noooooo!)

Pregnancy continues to go well. My growing belly is definitely making its entry. Wow.

I had a nice morning walk with my dear mommy today and my dad so kindly watched and fed Mikayla for me. Isn't that GREAT?? We're going to try to walk together twice a week. Any more than that and I'm afraid of what would happen. Just joking, of course.

Grace is Mrs. Running Queen lately. Grrrr. She's just trying to make me jealous. She'll be competing in a 5k in OCT- my BIRTH month. :) Yikes, I'm going to be 28. Good job, Grace, by the way.

Off to read up on some of my favorite blogs.


Grace said...

boy was that ever exciting. and to think i got a compliment out of the whole thing. i'll take that running queen comment any day. well, i agree that staying home is one of the nicest things ever. i never get to any more with ian going to school. it kind of starts the day out getting out of the house. boo. well, thanks for finally posting. been checking for a while and... nothing. head on over to my blog some time and maybe you'll find something new. but no time soon. love you.

lauradodson said...

i like these plain ol' every day posts.

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Sounds like a nice plan...
I plan to...
do ALOT. :-D

I have a girls girly night planned tomorrow night with several girls coming so got to get ready!

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

Sounds pretty good and yeah sometimes that don't usually happen. ok and I will send the clothes with Christy tomorrow. Later

Emmie said...

Love you, sis! What kind a day can it be without a visit to EMMIE'S?! It's like a day without sunshine, eh? Love you and yours!