Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Definition of especial: special; exceptional; outstanding

Yes, after some consideration, I find that word quite accurately describes my mommy. The other day I was in desperate need of help. My poor refrigerator had definitely plummeted to the very bottom of my priority list and was a disaster! She so generously gave of her time and energies and got it back into tip top shape. And I'm SO proud of it. I dare any of you to find one bad crumb in the whole thing! Just kidding:) kinda.

Just thought I'd share that.

ps. she's...............GREAT!


Vivi said...

I am honored to clean your fridge. My services are available, for a modest fee, to others (except you, Grace).

How I love you, Princi! Love to GI Joseph and Miggy and Joses!

Grace said...

maybe mom could come to mckinney and clean out my fridge one day:(

Jamie Butts said...

Maybe "mom" could come to Louisvlle and clean out my fridge. :)

Claire's Blogosphere said...

Great Blog. Cute children...

God Bless,
Claire Kennedy