Tuesday, September 18, 2007

11 years ago today...

The Lord so mercifully saved me. I'd wanted to write a long, well thought out post, but alas, I'm here in McKinney and am quite "busy" watching two small girls:) (while Grace and Ma go to pick up Ian from SCHOOL!). I'm so very blessed by my God's goodness to me, his faithfulness and his great grace. Such an unworthy person, and yet the Lord chose to bestow his love upon ME! Such knowledge is too wonderful for me! (isn't that verse?)

My dear brother-in-law Dean so kindly changed my pic on my blog. See it? He's great. and he told me that he even took away the blemishes. gulp. :) Thanks, Dean!

I miss my hubby. Lord willing, I'll be seeing him tomorrow.

ps. I'm 20+ weeks along!!! And am feeling terrific! :) a little heartburn, but nothing that isn't very easily remedied.


Emmie said...

Hallelujah! Will we ever forget that night? Glory! Happy Birthday, Principessa! And a Happy Birthday to Mike, too!

Christy said...

It ate my comment. Grrr.

Basically what I said was that I love you and you have been a blessing to me. The Lord used you mightily in my life. I'm glad we were friends then and I'm more than glad that we're sisters now! Nice picture. I like it. Props to that Dean for getting it up there for you. How sweet. Lovies the the max.

And I hope I get to see Mikayla, I mean, YOU and Mikayla, of course, SOON! Next week sometime, perhaps?