Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What might've been

Well, today marks the "due date" of our second baby we lost. We never did get a due date from the dr b/c no heartbeat was ever found. But, according to my calculations, today would have been the due date.

A girl I was reading about (on a website I frequent) had 9 miscarriages and was on her 10th pregnancy. She found out about a week ago that she miscarried again at about 17 weeks:( She said she has given up. Another woman tried to encourage her by telling her she knew of a woman who had 27 miscarriages before giving birth to healthy twins (at almost 50 years old). WOW! I canNOT fathom that. Sometimes it's easy to miss people's hurts by focusing on your own. I don't want to do that.

Thankfully, the Lord has been so kind to us in giving us another baby to look forward to! He has indeed given strength to us and blessed us with peace! We praise Him for that:) I am growing like crazy and Lovin' it! I officially got back into exercising again. Phew! It's about time. I'm getting a bit soft. ha!

Mikayla had her first dentist appt yesterday. It was pretty funny, actually. The dentist held her, she screamed, and he then declared that she had no cavities (or sugar bugs, as Grace calls them). Yay! Then she got a toy. And he told me to get her off the bottle. It's NOT going well. ANY tips??

Almost 19 weeks along! WHEEE!! I must get housework done at some point today:) Toodles!


Rebekah said...

Sweet thoughts, Sarah. I often think about the two babies I miscarried, usually on the day I miscarried though. I don't think I've thought about the due dates in a very long time. If you have a chance, go over to Nichole's blog. She posted a Mark Harris song. The words will bless you. I cry every time I hear that song! How precious it will be to one day be face to face with Jesus with our babies beside us!
Love you and SO happy you're doing so well! Love your baby girl for me...she's precious!

Grace said...

hey there. sorry the weaning thing isn't going well. that little miggy moo. tell her she doesn't need any sugar bugs so no more bottle. i can't believe how fast the last 9 months have gone that you would have already been due. wow. can't wait for the new little arrival. let me know when you find out the sex of the baby. wish i were going to be there for that. love you.

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

I hear ya, :-( Tis sad enough with one miscarriage but to have that many and still go on and try for one on and on. And that late in life? wow

Poor girl, hope it goes well trying to get her weaned soon. :-)

Love Nichole

Christy said...

Love, love, love, love YOU. But you already knew that... right??

Lovies for Kayles!!!

Emmie said...

We'll always love our little Jada. And how we look forward to finding out what the Mystery Baby is! Whee! You have LOTS of nice babies, Sa!

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

Wow. Poor mikala I woulda screamed to jk I just dont like dentists but my teeth are prefect though. And I hope it goes well. (:)