Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Grrrr... Grace!

I'm so mad @ my sissy Grace. I just enjoyed a lovely evening with my parents where they treated me and Mikayla to Prima Pasta (shrimp scampi!) and afterwards went to Wal-Mart. I called Grace when I got home and you know what she told me?? She said, "I'm fixing to exercise." Rats. I guess that means I need to also. So, I guess in a way she "motivated" me, but I could just wring her neck. Not really, of course. If she WAS here, I'd just give her a hug instead:)

Mikayla is doing better at bedtime- whee! I'm thrilled.

Our cat Mingus is getting FAT. Maybe he can hop on the cross trainer with me.:)

Oh, I got a new (for me) digital camera. thanks, ma! The one that CC gave me went capoot (sp?). So, I just gave it to Mikayla for a toy, and she really thinks she's technical or something. She loves that and our old remote control. go figure.

Speaking of figures, I'd better go and work on mine. The good news? Jody loves me just the way I am. yay:))) I love that guy!

Grace, I'll get you later.

Monday, October 30, 2006

A healthy baby boy

Jody, Mikayla and I had a great time in Abilene today where we were able to see Baby Easton on his birth day. What an absolute miracle the birth of a baby is. I'm so in awe of how the Lord so perfectly does what He does. sigh. He weighed in @ 8 lbs. 9.5 oz. Good size! About 1 pound more than Mikayla weighed. It was a blessing to be a part of it all. Tina is a PRECIOUS mommy and had such a sweet attitude, considering all she'd been through.

Afterwards we headed to the mall, where we ate lunch @ El Chico; it was pretty good, but Jody's chimichanga, we determined, more or less resembled an egg roll. I guess Abuelos, which is closed on Mondays (rats!), has us a bit spoiled. Then we headed over to Steve and Barry's where we got a $10 pair of jeans for me. whoo hoo! (Thanks, CC, for the idea) Somehow I go through jeans very quickly. go figure.

My computer is sounding like it has the hiccups, so I guess it's trying to tell me something. I'd better log off before it logs me off. Good night, everyone. Everyone's doing so well blogging. Keep up the good work!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's official

Yep, you guessed it. I got my certificate for taking the continuing education photography course @ Howard Payne. And boy, does it ever look snazzy. It even has that gold star thingy in the bottom right hand corner. Wheee! And those of you coming to the LNO at my house tomorrow evening MAYBE you can get a look at it. maybe. My mom has one, too:)

Speaking of LNO, which I hope you all can come (6pm till who knows when), Mary's birthday begins in less than 2 hours. Yay for Mary. Happy Birthday. And, to Christy, but hers is officially on Sunday, the 22nd. Grace, wanna come? :( maybe next time, eh? I finally decided on the menu. phew. nothing like a little last minute planning.

Have you ever read the story about Gideon in the book of Judges?? What an awesome story!! He started out with 3200 men to fight the Midianites, and the Lord whittled that number down to 300. Lots of lessons there. I thoroughly enjoyed the bible study on it today. You oughtta read it sometime.

Oh, and I was reading in Matthew where it speaks of Christ being born. And one of His names is Emmanuel, meaning God with us. That's SO wonderful!! the Lord Jesus Christ was God in flesh. I'm aware that sounds pretty basic, but it's surprising to me that people don't believe it. How I love that truth. What a most humbling thing for God to be made flesh and dwell among us. sigh. What a Saviour!! How I love him!

Good night. I've got some straightening up to do before my lovebug's face I see. :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I've been inspired by 2

Well, well, well- it's been awhile, eh? I've been inspired by 2 dear ladies to finally get back into blogging. The first is my sister Grace, who just moved to TX(!), has 3 children and has several new posts complete with pictures. And Mary, who commented to me this evening that it'd been awhile since I had last posted. Ok, I get the hint:)

My precious daughter is crying right now, but she should be sleeping. That's been the scene for about a month now. I'm pretty frustrated with it. How I love that girl. My brother-in-law Dean suggested changing up her nighttime routine, but we don't have much of one to change. Just getting into pj's and putting her in her crib. Any suggestions out there?? I need help. I pray the Lord will give me wisdom/patience/and love dealing with her. She's fine when we pick her up (usually). It's hard for me to believe that she wouldn't want to just GO TO SLEEP! I sure do.

Mikayla and I had a most lovely evening with Grandpa and Emmie. My dad cooked some beans and my mom made some delish rice (although Rebekah's taught me to make rice, I still can't- it's unreal!), and I made some guacamole. What a yummy dinner! AND, Mary and Christy joined us in a game of Imaginif.

And we had moo-llenium crunch ice cream for dessert. -Mary.

I'd better go tend to my daughter. Her crying absolutely breaks my heart. I need prayer, but I guess, don't we all? :)