Monday, October 30, 2006

A healthy baby boy

Jody, Mikayla and I had a great time in Abilene today where we were able to see Baby Easton on his birth day. What an absolute miracle the birth of a baby is. I'm so in awe of how the Lord so perfectly does what He does. sigh. He weighed in @ 8 lbs. 9.5 oz. Good size! About 1 pound more than Mikayla weighed. It was a blessing to be a part of it all. Tina is a PRECIOUS mommy and had such a sweet attitude, considering all she'd been through.

Afterwards we headed to the mall, where we ate lunch @ El Chico; it was pretty good, but Jody's chimichanga, we determined, more or less resembled an egg roll. I guess Abuelos, which is closed on Mondays (rats!), has us a bit spoiled. Then we headed over to Steve and Barry's where we got a $10 pair of jeans for me. whoo hoo! (Thanks, CC, for the idea) Somehow I go through jeans very quickly. go figure.

My computer is sounding like it has the hiccups, so I guess it's trying to tell me something. I'd better log off before it logs me off. Good night, everyone. Everyone's doing so well blogging. Keep up the good work!


Misty said...

is this Tina from rising star that has had the baby? Congratulations to that family! Yes it is a miracle how a baby comes into being, all of the Lord! love you

Misty said...

look here sarah, i left a comment before your momma, imagine that!
just kidding...I am very thankful for the comments she gives me. when everyone else fails, my mother in law will leave me a nice one:)

Vivi said...

I'm so sad--Misty beat me to the comment! RATS! Glory to God for little Easton--Tina has BEAUTIFUL babies! I'm so glad all went well. Keep blogging, baby girl. I love you and yours!

Laura said...

oh how fun! yay for mom, for baby, and for God.

Grace said...

hey there. emmie, ian just gave your picture a kiss. he sure loves you. i'm so happy for tina. she has really pretty babies. (it's okay for a baby boy to be pretty. it just means good skin, perfect shaped head, etc.) sure do love you sarah and i hope i commented on time. call me. fixing to go exercise. bye bye.

sarahdodson said...

Yes, Misty. Actually Tina lives in Brownwood, but we go to church together:) And good job for beating vivi- she's FAST!

Vivi aka Pwe, Tina DOES have pretty babies. Thanks for a lovely evening. You're special.

Grace, you are a SHOW OFF. And you know why. love you anyways.