Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's official

Yep, you guessed it. I got my certificate for taking the continuing education photography course @ Howard Payne. And boy, does it ever look snazzy. It even has that gold star thingy in the bottom right hand corner. Wheee! And those of you coming to the LNO at my house tomorrow evening MAYBE you can get a look at it. maybe. My mom has one, too:)

Speaking of LNO, which I hope you all can come (6pm till who knows when), Mary's birthday begins in less than 2 hours. Yay for Mary. Happy Birthday. And, to Christy, but hers is officially on Sunday, the 22nd. Grace, wanna come? :( maybe next time, eh? I finally decided on the menu. phew. nothing like a little last minute planning.

Have you ever read the story about Gideon in the book of Judges?? What an awesome story!! He started out with 3200 men to fight the Midianites, and the Lord whittled that number down to 300. Lots of lessons there. I thoroughly enjoyed the bible study on it today. You oughtta read it sometime.

Oh, and I was reading in Matthew where it speaks of Christ being born. And one of His names is Emmanuel, meaning God with us. That's SO wonderful!! the Lord Jesus Christ was God in flesh. I'm aware that sounds pretty basic, but it's surprising to me that people don't believe it. How I love that truth. What a most humbling thing for God to be made flesh and dwell among us. sigh. What a Saviour!! How I love him!

Good night. I've got some straightening up to do before my lovebug's face I see. :)


Emmie said...

I just started Judges, so I'll be bumping into Gideon soon. It IS a great story. I just read about Ehud, who was left-handed. I KNEW there was something about him I liked! Yesterday's LNO was great fun, and I think Christy enjoyed it, too! Thanks for the invite. I don't take those for granted.... Love ever!

Christy said...

Hey chick. I thought I'd better jump in, as it has been established already that "to comment is to love" and I do love!

Thanks, again, for such a wonderful birthday party for me. It was fun! So, so sweet you are. And I LOVED how you decked out the whole place for it, too, complete with "graffiti"!

I love you!!

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Oh no.. did I miss Mary's birthday? I did, didn't I? Rats...

the 20th?

Grace said...

hey, how come i haven't left a comment yet? wow, what a bad friend. well, just wanted to say i love you and call me all day. and if you ever get the urge to come pick me and the kiddos up for a couple of days visit, i'll be packed before you get here. love you.

Laura said...

congrats! and I've missed,as in sorely, your blogging. so get at it why don't you. ;p