Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Grrrr... Grace!

I'm so mad @ my sissy Grace. I just enjoyed a lovely evening with my parents where they treated me and Mikayla to Prima Pasta (shrimp scampi!) and afterwards went to Wal-Mart. I called Grace when I got home and you know what she told me?? She said, "I'm fixing to exercise." Rats. I guess that means I need to also. So, I guess in a way she "motivated" me, but I could just wring her neck. Not really, of course. If she WAS here, I'd just give her a hug instead:)

Mikayla is doing better at bedtime- whee! I'm thrilled.

Our cat Mingus is getting FAT. Maybe he can hop on the cross trainer with me.:)

Oh, I got a new (for me) digital camera. thanks, ma! The one that CC gave me went capoot (sp?). So, I just gave it to Mikayla for a toy, and she really thinks she's technical or something. She loves that and our old remote control. go figure.

Speaking of figures, I'd better go and work on mine. The good news? Jody loves me just the way I am. yay:))) I love that guy!

Grace, I'll get you later.


Grace said...

hey there, meanie. i beat mamma. nanienaniebooboo. just got done exercising. hopefully, so did you. sure wish is was there for you to hug. see you maybe this weekend, hopefully. love you.

Vivi said...

For the record: The only reason Bub beat me to the blog is because Dad forgot his wallet and I had to go to Cousins to give it to him. RATSO. Even the machine needs to be unplugged sometimes....
Mingy IS getting fat! GAK!
Good job on the extercise. That makes one of us.
Give Miggy (no relation to Mingy) a hug from Em. I love you!

Misty said...

sarah, do you go to the gym to exercise, how about you Grace? well good job girls for working out. love you