Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Everyone, please guess

Ok, last week 3M had its annual health fare. While there, I took the grip strength test and scored (I think) a 98. I didn't think much more of it.. until tonight. Jody called (can you believe I had the ringer off??) and left a message telling me that I won some kind of prize from doing the grip strength test. And that he's bringing it home tonight. WHoo hoo! I don't know if the prize is b/c I got the highest score or if they drew names to determine who to give the prize to. Hmmm.

so, what's your best guess? Humor me and guess, please. I will try to post the results tomorrow.

My guess? a cup. You can't take my guess.

And, Misty, I work out at home. A few birthdays ago, Jody bought me an eliptical (or cross) trainer. So, I either do that or walk outside. And Grace has a treadmill. Talk about SPOILED!

You ladies are special, even if you don't guess. I promise. bye for now.


Emmie said...

Shotgun, first to respond! I'd guess a little cooler, like for lunches. How did I do? I LOVE my bedroom! And I love you. (Hardly seems right to put those two together under "love"!) --Em

Emmie said...

PS (Health FAIR)

Misty said...

are we guessing what you won? mike and i are lying here in bed, and we both guess a t shirt??
love you
must be nice to have all this exercise equipment in the convenience of your own home:)

Grace said...

crud. i was going to say t-shirt. okay, so i say a solid gold trophy the size of a football. and the base is made of white gold. about the size of a box of tissues. if the prize is any less than that, throw it back in their face b/c it's just not worth your time. hope it's a good one. congrats. love you.