Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy (late) Thanksgiving!

Hello, dear friends out there! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving time- we sure did:) We had lots of family down and spent lots of good times together. We even had the Risses come all the way from Georgia; what a blessing that family is. AND, I got to meet my sweet new niece Naomi Joy, who is a tremendous JOY!

I don't know how many of you read Spurgeon's Morning and Evening devotionals, but I wanted to share some of what I read the other day. In the November 29th morning devotional, it starts out with this verse:

"Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people...Thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbor, and not suffer sin upon him. -Leviticus 19:16, 17

And here are some of the quotes from it that I really liked: (it's worth reading, believe me)

"Tale-bearing emits a threefold poison; for it injures the teller, the hearer, and the person concerning whom the tale is told.

The reputations of the Lord's people should be very precious in our sight, and we should count it shame to help the devil to dishonour the Church and the name of the Lord.

We may ourselves one of these dark days need forbearance and silence from our brethren, let us render is cheerfully to those who require it now.

Be this our family rule, and our personal bond--

I thought that was good and it was convicting for me. How EASY for our flesh to want to speak evil of others, instead of confronting the person, rebuking them and loving them the way that the Word of God exhorts us to.

I pray the Lord would help us all to be extra cautious with the words we speak. We don't want to be those who bring others down and speak idle words.

In other news, I don't think that our dear Mikayla is feeling too well today:( She's been coughing and sneezing and she covered my sweatshirt today with throw-up (sp?). And I do mean covered. I'm so thankful for her good health, though. This may be something that's not too serious; we'll see.

Hope you all have a wonderful day. I'm off to read some blogs, make myself a grilled cheese (IMHO, the simplest yummiest sandwich), and put my sweatshirt in the dryer:)


Emmie said...

(And WHO is the first poster?) Miss you, sis! Give Miggy a Get-Well-Soon hug and kiss from Emmie. My sweet girl! See you tomorry, Lord willing. I love you and yours, Sarah.

Christy said...

Ah nuts, girl.. poor Mikayla gets sick when she gets used to seeing me every day and then she doesn't see me one day. I'd better come over again soooon. Tell her I love her, kiss her, and then squeeze her really hard (kinda) for me. Love you. Thanks for all the fun earlier this week. I'm glad we're friends, glug glug. ;)

Misty said...

Good blog Sarah. Thank you for the reminder on Tale bearing. How sad it is to see this even among the Lord's people. Let us be mindful of this and remember we represent Christ in all we say.

I am sad to hear of sick Mikayla, guess we sould have stayed a bit longer, after all she is only missing us:) just KIDDING!!
love you

Grace said...

hi sarah. just wanted to say i miss you and wish i could call but that jody doesn't seem to be going anywhere. grrr. i'll call you when he leaves. love you. come visit with amy. and how'd the fam pic go?