Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nursing Strike

That's what "they" call it, anyway. Mikayla hasn't wanted to nurse since around noon yesterday:( What a heart-breaking time it's been for me. I realize I've had 8 WONDERFUL months of nursing and I thank the Lord for that! So, maybe this is just a stage. She'd rather bite than nurse. Hmmm.... My sweet friends Pwe, CC, Grace and Misty have been extremely comforting to me at this time. Maybe it's time to wean our precious daughter. Through prayer, that's something that Jody and I will decide together. sigh. The thought of it just saddens my heart, but as the hours pass, the thought gets more realistic.

On to a brighter subject. Hasn't the moon just been gorgeous the past few nights?? What an awesome God we serve who is in total control of all things. I love it.

We had a fun LNO the other night @ Cc's house. We even tried some "dance" (more like aerobics for me) moves. I've got ZERO talent in that department. Ask anybody. I'm not overly concerned aobut it though. Ha! Jody likes me just the way I am. So there, Christy.

I need some help with this next question. If a person is eating "raw", would Jambalaya and Taco Bueno be on the menu? Just curious...

Well, I'll be signing off for now. But, don't worry- there's more to come. yawn. Good night, sweet friends. You know who you are:)


Misty said...

Sarah I know the thought of weaning Mikayla is so sad to you. I was thinking about it and when it comes time to wean Naomi I will be really sad. We know it must end sometime but how sad that day will be. The Lord has allowed your precious daughter to live for 8 months off of you, how kind is that! You have done such a great job, what ever you and Jody decide to do will be just perfect. I remember when Anna was a baby rocking her in the rocking chair and crying because she was growing up too quickly, I wanted her to stay a baby. I have realized that I should enjoy the stage our children are in at this time and not wish to go back or go foward with their lives. I love you and will be in prayer for you.

Grace said...

my sweet sister. you make me so sad with thoughts of weaning. i've talked to you enough about it on the phone so just know that i love you and if you want me to babysit mig during this hard time in your life, bring her by. i think she was wanting to go back to the old ways.

Anonymous said...

I KNEW Misty would've stayed up late so she could comment first! That girl! All said, so sorry about the back-arching Mig! I am very sad for you. She sure is a sweet girl, and I enjoyed her so much yesterday. Even Nick said he's not seen one that age so well-behaved. Call me. I love you and yours!

Mary said...


I am so sorry your baby girl wants to grow up so fast. Cherish the time you have with her before long she will be grown. Happens tooooo fast!

Love, mary

Laura said...

Hey There. Well. My nursing experiences were less than joyous with both boys...after Joshua and I finally got the hang of it (after about 5 grueling months) it was more peaceful and enjoyable for the both of us...and then he weaned himself at 10 months. He became more active and wanted to explore and would rather 'eat' than drink...still that way to this day. I know it is a sad time giving up that close connection with your sweet girl. There are new times of closeness waiting around the corner. Just trust the Lord and follow His leading.

sarahdodson said...

Misty, thank you so much for your kind words. I AM thankful for the time I HAVE had to feed my girl. Maybe after she feels better she'll want to nurse. Thanks for your prayers:)

Sweet Sister, you really will watch Miggy for me and Jody?? How sweet. Come this weekend. We could use the opportunity to go out to eat and watch Happy Feet...

Anon, are you scared to show who you are? Don't be. I love you!

Mary, I'm finding out that it happens SO fast. So fun though, isn't it? Thanks for your sweet comments:) I miss you!

Laura, thanks for the encouragement. I didn't know your nursing experiences were less than joyous- how sad for you. I do thank you for your care. We miss your family!

Christy said...

Well, I love you and am praying for you, as you know.

But moving on.. what is that supposed to mean, "so there, christy" as if I would ever criticize you or your (lack of) rhythm! What were you thinking. Raise the roof, okay? Just raise the roof. And I love you just the way you are, too. So there.

I guess there were no fun plans for Friday night since my cell phone was dead silent all night. How sad. Oh well. You win some, you lose some. Guess I was naive to think we'd hit Bahama Bucks on only the very last night of the season. Silly me.

Still love you. So there.

sarahdodson said...

My phone was on ALL evening long. Hmmm... maybe you forgot my phone number. I'll have to share it with you sometime. Sure love you though. Thanks for your prayers.
You are a sweetie.