Saturday, December 30, 2006

Home sweet home

Isn't it good to be home? We always enjoy visiting friends/family, but the best part is coming home. Everything seems fresh and new. sigh.

Our Mikayla is still not feeling well. My heart hurts for her. We bought her a new thermometer today; it's called a temporal scan thermometer. A bit pricey, but get this: you simply run it across her forehead and into her hairline. SO cool. But Mikayla's not. She had a temp of 102.6 today:( I checked online and they said for her age, (and she's now 9 months old!) if it reaches 103 to take her in. So, we're keeping our eye on that. I'm not sure if we'll be bringing her to church tomorrow or not. Maybe I'll stay home with her. The neat thing about her is she doesn't act sick. Oh, I love that girl!

Christy coming over tomorrow evening (or that's the plan) for some New Year's festivities. Woo hoo! We got some yummy things to eat @ Wal-Mart. Yes, we took Mikayla out in the cold. But, we bundled her up very well in the blanket her Aunt Laura made her. A lady @ Wal-Mart said that you can tell Mikayla's loved by her smile. hmmm... how cute. Turns out she's right!

Our cat is still alive. Yay! My parents are due back on Monday evening. another yay! boy, life is good:)

What a wonderful year it's been!!! Full of so many new things. Being a mother is extremely fulfilling for me:) and I love the daddy Jody is to our Mikayla. Truly the Lord is good to His own.
"O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him."
~Psalm 34:8


Grace said...

welcome home sarah!!!!! it feels so right for you to be in tx. i'm sorry to hear about mikayla. i hate it when the kids are sick. hope your new years party is fun. wish i could be there. love you.

Laura said...

it sounds like M has been sick for awhile...? poor girl. hope her wonky blankie kept her toasty warm. i rented how to eat fried worms for the boys. GROSS. got me a few flicks, too, and will pop them in soon and wait up for the hub. glad y'all are home safe and sound. i sent the CD/treat Friday.

Emmie said...

Baby! Welcome home! I am SO glad to be home! Miggy's looking great! Thanks for the kind hospitality. I missed you ridiculously. See you @ 6:45 AM. How do YOU spell LOVE?

Misty said...

I am so late in commenting that I am hoping Mikayla is feeling better by now! Naomi is the only one in our house still on antibiotics and she goes back to the Dr next tuesday.
love to you

Nancy said...

Glad you are walking with us. Hope Mikayla is feeling better by now. I'll pray for you both.