Sunday, December 24, 2006

Good times in LA

We arrived in Louisiana safely, thank the Lord, on Saturday afternoon. And, as usual, we brought the rain with us. It ALWAYS (well, as much as I can remember anyways) rains when we come. They like that about us:)

For the first time we're staying in the Dodson's new home built mostly by my father-in-law. It's BEAUTIFUL and big and so much fun to be in. Mikayla has her own room (the southwestern theme room) and we have our own down the hall from her. We're staying in the pink room. It's pink, but not so pink that Jody feels like his manhood is being compromised. (was that a weird sentence or what!??)

They have lots of treats here. I told Jerry that, and he said, yeah, but they produce too many leaves. ha ha ha! I'm still laughing about that one. :)

My mom rescued my amish friendship bread mix. She said if any more time passed, it would've exploded. Thanks, ma! And she's even going to feed it and bake it for me. Man, what a special mommy I have.

I've only eaten between 10 and 15 tootsie (MINI) rolls today. I don't know what the effects of that will be...

Ok, what a (semi) blah post. Sorry, guys. More later, maybe. Good night, ladies:)

4 comments: said...

You cute little blogger. I assume Miggy's feeling better. Please say yes. Saw Granny Bear on the way home from Coleman.

Your WHEN is answered by AS SOON AS WE ALL ARE BACK. Sounds like a good time for Moby Dick and sticky buns and a fire in the fireplace, eh?

Miss me! Off to nap and then make LOTS of Amish bread. GAK!

Grace said...

hey, that's what i'm trying to do ma. hopefully, i'm going to get to finish it here soon. sarah, it seems like you're so far away. sure wish i could see the new dodson house. i'm sure it's beautiful but i guess i'm not invited. love you girl. been trying to call you all day.

sarahdodson said...

Ladies, ladies. Miggy's NOT feeling better. And Pwe, hooray for Moby Dick and sticky buns by the fire!

Grace, did yours turn out good?? And, of course you're invited to come here. so silly of you not to know that.

Y'all are the BEST!

Misty said...

Sarah are you doing Amish Bread? I did a bread once that you had to feed and bake all the time or it would multiply like crazy. Wish i still had the starter(guess i could make my own) because I loved making it and eating it and I think Grace liked it too:)HAd to sadly let it go when we moved.
love you