Thursday, June 28, 2007

ME time- ha!

Well, did I ever have plans for tonight! I was going to take a bath, shave, pluck, polish, eat, blog, sweep and mop. Those WERE my plans. It was going to be all about, who else?- me! Yeah right.

Right now, my daughter's door is open and she's talking to me. yes, it's after 10, and her bedtime is 8. "mamadaddy" and the likes is what I'm hearing. And the chirping of birds (her noise machine). I NEED HELP. Our daughter HATES bedtime. and I do mean HATES. It's about to drive us crazy. Discipline during the day is very beneficial and rewarding. However, night time is different. It (discipline)means NOTHING to her. I told Jody that she'd rather have negative attention from us than be by herself. She screams as if there is somebody in bed with her pulling off each toe of hers. We are extremely frustrated.

and I'm hungry b/c dinner tonight was taquitos, rice, beans, and guacamole, and I did NOT feel in the mood for it. So, I've been waiting to eat a bowl of cereal (which sounds SO much better), but I'm stuck here in this chair giving reassuring waves and smiles to my daughter while she is wide awake in her crib.

If I had not had a child like this, I'd think the mom (me) was crazy or lazy or not a disciplinarian, or something of the sort. But, I do have a daughter like this. And having watched other babies (ABBY!), I know this is not a normal thing.

So, does anyone have some encouraging advice?? I hope I'm not opening myself up to get hammered. I pray for wisdom DAILY in this matter. I so need it. I feel like we've tried it all, but I'd welcome suggestions.

Ok, that's it for now. Oh yeah. 9 week along tomorrow. Baby's about an inch long. Wheee!!! Hope to see the heartbeat soon. Good night.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Good reminder

As I was reading this morning, I came across this wonderful verse that is a good reminder (subject!) for us (me):

"For who maketh thee to differ from another?

and what hast thou that thou didst not receive?

now if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory,

as if thou hadst not received it?"

~1 Corinthians 4:7

It's so esasy for our nature to be prideful, and God hates pride. Sometimes I wish I were a writer. I feel like I've got so much to say, but I can never get the point across on "paper." I am no better than ANYbody!! But, do I live my life accordingly? All that I have really has been GIVEN to me. No race is better or worse than mine. I thank the Lord that he has made me who I am. I want to live my life without pride, prejudices and the likes. For His honor and glory.

Almost 8 weeks pregnant. YAY. I praise the Lord for the time he's given me with this tiny one. A few more days, and we'll have a little pinto bean. :) NAUSEA is hitting me pretty hard this time around. Wow. I did get some crackers and they seem to help. Just thinking of that sweet syrupy stuff that's supposed to help with nausea makes me sick. gak.

Our Mikayla is doing quite well. I'm just in awe of motherhood. I LOVE WHEN MIKAYLA GIVES ME HUGS. Did I get my point across? :) She never had been too affectionate, but now she is starting to be more so. WHEE!! ( I think it just might to have to do with that fact that she knows I like it so much and will give her almost anything afterwards:) But, hey, I'll take it!

I'm thinking about getting some white shelves from IKEA to go in Mikayla's and the new baby's room. Yes, we have a two bedroom house, so they'll be (LORD WILLING) sharing a room. I think it will save a lot of space and we wouldn't have to add another dresser. Our plan is to take the big bed, the book shelves and computer out, and put in a twin size bed. And the shelves, but I haven't asked Jody about that yet. I'm sure he'll like the idea. And since we have a certain family member I love so much who lives so close to IKEA, I'm sure it'll work out.

I'm off to have lunch with my parents. Chinese food. I'm not sure if that sounds good nor not, but we'll see:)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

SA is simply a stronger team, right?

Poor Cleveland. Not that I care a bit about basketball, but everytime they get ahead, they get behind again. How sad. I'm proud of the Spurs, though. How does that work anyway? Do you just root for the team who lives the closest to you? Who knows.

I'm tired (not in a bad way, mom) of waiting my sweet mommy to send me pictures of our big RACE. Those will come soon. But, I figure that I don't have to have pics in order to post. It just seems like it. I had the privilege of doing the race with my dad, Grace, and Erin (what a NEAT gal!!). Grace and my dad took off and left me and Erin in the dust b/c they had a competition going. So, we enjoyed talking and getting to know each other. I VERY much enjoyed it. We mostly walked, but we did have a few jogging moments. And in the end (actually it was the begining) we got a t-shirt, dr pepper jelly beans, pencils, pens, Jones soda stickers/magnet, a TX flag, dr pepper chapstick, and much more. Good stuff.

7 weeks pregnant, and feeling it!! I'm terribly grateful. Thinking back to pregnancy #2, I did not feel this way. It's interesting that I didn't even know to be alarmed or think something was wrong. (Yay for the Spurs!- See, dad, it's NOT rigged) The baby is about the size of a bb (did I spell that right?). That's pretty tiny, isn't it? If he/she keeps growing, in about a week baby will be the size of a pea. Now THAT will be growth. hee hee!

I had more to write, but I'm gonna call it quits. TIME FOR BED! More to share later. night!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It's from Elmo

I'm glad Jamie likes the new word "yahooey" or however you spell it. A friend of ours gave Mikayla an Elmo on a surf board and he says, "Elmo loves to surf (took us forever to figure out that word) with YOU! Yahooey! This is fun!" So, that's where we picked it up. And we like it:)

Oh, ladies, you are all so sweet with your comments. Thank you for your encouragement, love, friendship, and prayers. I'm humbled. I (we) would LOVE to be able to meet this little one. And, Lord willing, we will. It's lots of fun to be pregnant. It changes a lot of things in life, somehow. It's such a JOY.

This pizza place on Nightline is accepting pesos for payment. It has everyone up in arms. Interesting figure of speech, eh? Any thoughts?

Tomorrow I'm going to a cattle auction- WHEEE! Christy, Mikayla and I are going for a walk beforehand (yay!). I'm thinking about bidding on a cow. Just kidding, of course.

Off to bed SOON. I must get my rest!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

My last week of running

Hi, Ladies! I'm back:) It's about time, right?? We had a wonderful vacation to Louisiana to see Jody's parents. Most of you know that my poor dad got sick a few days before we planned to leave for MN, and since we had the car all packed up, we decided to go to Louisiana instead. Wonderful/relaxing trip!! On the way home, we visited Grace and family for a few days and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. ps. my dad's feeling better, thank the Lord!

So, I've decided this is my last week of running because.... I'm pregnant! Yahooey! :) Jody and I (and Mikayla, of course) are thrilled. I'm not even sure if I want to run anymore at all (during this pregnancy) because I get SO exhausted when I'm running, and I'm not sure if that will put baby Dodson #3 in distress or not. :) I want to be careful, as you can imagine. I've got a race planned for this Saturday (a 2.5 mile run) in Dublin, TX. We'll see; maybe I'll just slow jog/walk it. I know "they" say if you're already running when you get pregnant that it's ok to continue. I've been running for about 2 months now, but I'm still not in good running condition, so after this week, it's walking for me.

Well, here's the running schedule anyway:

Week 9 and 10: Working It Out

You've finished two months of training and you are really closing in on your goal. These two weeks will be about speed and effort: You've got the distance down, so now you can work on covering that distance faster and more easily.

Week 9

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 1.5 mi a little faster than your normal speed
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 3 mi
Friday: rest
Weekend: one day rest; one day 1.5 mi a little faster than your normal speed

(I'll leave the link to where I'm getting the schedule soon since I'm getting out of running for the time being.)

According to the computer calculation, my due date is around February 1st. yay! I don't want to be scared/anxious/nervous or anything like that. I (we) just want to enjoy every single day the Lord gives us with this new baby growing inside of me. I pray for His will in the life of this baby. My precious nephew talked to me on the phone today and said "congratulations." Then he asked me, "is this baby gonna die, too?" I told him maybe. By then I couldn't get many words out and really teared up. He's such a sweet boy. He was looking forward to meeting our last baby and he never got to. Lord willing, we'll get to meet this one!

Please be in prayer for Rebekah. Her precious newborn son is having a heart procedure done on Wednesday. I do hope and pray all goes well with Brandon. I can't imagine what a parent's heart feels like to go through that. I pray the Lord would give healing and great strength and recovery to little Brandon.

For the LORD God is a sun and shield:
the LORD will give grace and glory:
no good thing will he withhold
from them that walk uprightly.
~Psalm 84:11
The Lord is so good to us!!
Good night!