Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It's from Elmo

I'm glad Jamie likes the new word "yahooey" or however you spell it. A friend of ours gave Mikayla an Elmo on a surf board and he says, "Elmo loves to surf (took us forever to figure out that word) with YOU! Yahooey! This is fun!" So, that's where we picked it up. And we like it:)

Oh, ladies, you are all so sweet with your comments. Thank you for your encouragement, love, friendship, and prayers. I'm humbled. I (we) would LOVE to be able to meet this little one. And, Lord willing, we will. It's lots of fun to be pregnant. It changes a lot of things in life, somehow. It's such a JOY.

This pizza place on Nightline is accepting pesos for payment. It has everyone up in arms. Interesting figure of speech, eh? Any thoughts?

Tomorrow I'm going to a cattle auction- WHEEE! Christy, Mikayla and I are going for a walk beforehand (yay!). I'm thinking about bidding on a cow. Just kidding, of course.

Off to bed SOON. I must get my rest!


Vivi said...

Pick me up a few cows to decorate our apartment, please! (JJ--don't even get ceramic ones!) We love BD3 (Baby Dodson 3) so much! Give him a pat from Emmie. When can we get him out and play with him? Pray for Rebekah and Steven and their little Brandon. Surgery today. We trust in the living God.

Cole said...

yes yes yes congrats!!!!!
praying for your preg!
The lord is in control and
hes so good to us!!!

Grace said...

morning, sarah. hope your sleep was sweet and they baby got a chance to grow a little more. why haven't you called me yet? i'm finna call you so answer your phone. love you. and i do love up in arms. they were litterally up in arms. oh how we love that. bye, little coral reef.

Jamie Butts said...

Of course, it's from Elmo! I love Elmo, I must admit. I used to do a pretty good impression, but now that I teach too-cool-5th graders, there isn't much need to practice. :)

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

who doesn't love elmo. (:) Well I hope ya have fun on your walk and the cow bidding thingy but not too much. jk. (:)

Jamie Butts said...

Check your comments on your last post... Erin will be at the race with you! Hope you find her. :)

Jamie Butts said...

Knock, knock. Where are you? Is everything alright? How was the race with my sweet Erin? She enjoyed seeing you so much. Dying for pictures. Hope all is well!