Sunday, June 03, 2007

My last week of running

Hi, Ladies! I'm back:) It's about time, right?? We had a wonderful vacation to Louisiana to see Jody's parents. Most of you know that my poor dad got sick a few days before we planned to leave for MN, and since we had the car all packed up, we decided to go to Louisiana instead. Wonderful/relaxing trip!! On the way home, we visited Grace and family for a few days and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. ps. my dad's feeling better, thank the Lord!

So, I've decided this is my last week of running because.... I'm pregnant! Yahooey! :) Jody and I (and Mikayla, of course) are thrilled. I'm not even sure if I want to run anymore at all (during this pregnancy) because I get SO exhausted when I'm running, and I'm not sure if that will put baby Dodson #3 in distress or not. :) I want to be careful, as you can imagine. I've got a race planned for this Saturday (a 2.5 mile run) in Dublin, TX. We'll see; maybe I'll just slow jog/walk it. I know "they" say if you're already running when you get pregnant that it's ok to continue. I've been running for about 2 months now, but I'm still not in good running condition, so after this week, it's walking for me.

Well, here's the running schedule anyway:

Week 9 and 10: Working It Out

You've finished two months of training and you are really closing in on your goal. These two weeks will be about speed and effort: You've got the distance down, so now you can work on covering that distance faster and more easily.

Week 9

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 1.5 mi a little faster than your normal speed
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 3 mi
Friday: rest
Weekend: one day rest; one day 1.5 mi a little faster than your normal speed

(I'll leave the link to where I'm getting the schedule soon since I'm getting out of running for the time being.)

According to the computer calculation, my due date is around February 1st. yay! I don't want to be scared/anxious/nervous or anything like that. I (we) just want to enjoy every single day the Lord gives us with this new baby growing inside of me. I pray for His will in the life of this baby. My precious nephew talked to me on the phone today and said "congratulations." Then he asked me, "is this baby gonna die, too?" I told him maybe. By then I couldn't get many words out and really teared up. He's such a sweet boy. He was looking forward to meeting our last baby and he never got to. Lord willing, we'll get to meet this one!

Please be in prayer for Rebekah. Her precious newborn son is having a heart procedure done on Wednesday. I do hope and pray all goes well with Brandon. I can't imagine what a parent's heart feels like to go through that. I pray the Lord would give healing and great strength and recovery to little Brandon.

For the LORD God is a sun and shield:
the LORD will give grace and glory:
no good thing will he withhold
from them that walk uprightly.
~Psalm 84:11
The Lord is so good to us!!
Good night!


Emmie said...

Glory to God! Our dear Beans--I see where that would have made you cry. I love children's honesty (sometimes). And I love you. And the baby, who will get a temporary name from me soon. And that Miggy! And Jody. And you. I love you.

Jamie Butts said...

Praying for you, Sarah! Thanks for sharing your news. Praying for the baby and your trust in your Caring Father!

I was just getting on to tell you how much I've slacked in running. I write down my runs, and the last run I had was 2.2 miles on 5/21, I think. Allergies hit, school got crazy and company came and I just stopped. :) I ran again this morning, but I just ran on the treadmill, due to allergies. :) I could only run 1.5, but hopefully I'll get back up before too long. I do want that link to the schedule. I love you guys! I'll be praying for Brandon, too!

lauradodson said...

We are all so happy for y'all! Caleb said, "Yaaay! Another Baby!" Jeff said, "Really? Wonderful news." And me, well, I am just so happy with a tinge of caution. So I'll be praying for the Lord to care for that baby as He does all. :o)

Mary said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
We are sooo happy for you and joseph and Mikayla. Praying for you that you would find perfect peace in the Lord throughout this pregnancy.
Lots of love. Mary

Grace said...

sarah, i'm so happy for you and jody. and it will be so good for mikayla to learn how to share, even though "she probably won't." according to little sarah. i can't wait to be the photographer for the delivery, if all goes according to my plan. but i'll let you and jody talk amongst yourselves. let me know what time i need to be there. can't wait to walk the race with you. i was only there for the t-shirt anyways:) love you.

Rebekah said...

I'm so excited for you and Jody, Sarah! I will praying for you and for this little one. I know the fears that you sometimes struggle with...I'll pray that you will be able to just rest and trust the Lord with this little life!
Thank you again for all the prayers for Brandon. We'll let everyone know how he is as soon as we can. Love you!

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

hey!!! Sarah glad your back and thats wonderful news and I'll keep you in prayer.

Christy said...

Love you and BD3!! Can't wait to treat you to the cattle auction tomorrow. Yahooey! ;) Thanks for letting me play with Mig today - she's THE BEST!!!

Jamie Butts said...

I think I like that Yahooey word. Don't feel bad about running. I think I forgot to tell you that, but I meant to. Don't feel bad. Praying for Baby Dodson.

gerlthouse said...

Okay, first of, Congrats!! The Lord is so gracious!
And second of all...I'm signed up to run the 4k, too!!! I'm so excited. I'll be there. Can we maybe meet up and walk together? Wow, I'm just so excited! Let me know. Maybe we'll get to visit some, afterall!