Thursday, June 28, 2007

ME time- ha!

Well, did I ever have plans for tonight! I was going to take a bath, shave, pluck, polish, eat, blog, sweep and mop. Those WERE my plans. It was going to be all about, who else?- me! Yeah right.

Right now, my daughter's door is open and she's talking to me. yes, it's after 10, and her bedtime is 8. "mamadaddy" and the likes is what I'm hearing. And the chirping of birds (her noise machine). I NEED HELP. Our daughter HATES bedtime. and I do mean HATES. It's about to drive us crazy. Discipline during the day is very beneficial and rewarding. However, night time is different. It (discipline)means NOTHING to her. I told Jody that she'd rather have negative attention from us than be by herself. She screams as if there is somebody in bed with her pulling off each toe of hers. We are extremely frustrated.

and I'm hungry b/c dinner tonight was taquitos, rice, beans, and guacamole, and I did NOT feel in the mood for it. So, I've been waiting to eat a bowl of cereal (which sounds SO much better), but I'm stuck here in this chair giving reassuring waves and smiles to my daughter while she is wide awake in her crib.

If I had not had a child like this, I'd think the mom (me) was crazy or lazy or not a disciplinarian, or something of the sort. But, I do have a daughter like this. And having watched other babies (ABBY!), I know this is not a normal thing.

So, does anyone have some encouraging advice?? I hope I'm not opening myself up to get hammered. I pray for wisdom DAILY in this matter. I so need it. I feel like we've tried it all, but I'd welcome suggestions.

Ok, that's it for now. Oh yeah. 9 week along tomorrow. Baby's about an inch long. Wheee!!! Hope to see the heartbeat soon. Good night.


Emmie said...

But did you get to pluck your eyebrows?

Close the door; let her cry. This comes from her loving Emmie. Bite the bullet. I think you'll be able to tell if it's her ears. If it were, she would cry lying down on the floor to drink her bottle or other times in the living room. Right? I love that baby girl!

Papa returns today! Yahooey! A new man!

Carry on, troops. You can do it--only by grace. I love you so.

lauradodson said...

well first things first.

close that door. her getting to see you is giving her hope of being rescued out of that mean ol' crib.

let her cry. do your little night time routine of whatever...bath,singing,rocking,praying, tell her how much you love her, kisses all over...then state matter of factly (like I know you do) 'now it's time for bed, Mikayla". tell her 'no scream' 'no crying' and leave and close the door.

now. Joshua was HORRIBLE. He would do this more at naptime but he'd end up crying the entire time. It took him months to stop screaming at bedtime. However, Caleb was a dream. All kids are different.

Wish I lived closer! Go outside if you can't stand the crying...I did that more than once, and I'd have myself a good cry, too. :o)

Poor Mikayla...she'll learn.

Cole said...

children :-)

Christy said...

I can't believe you opened the door! How many times do I want to go open the door but you won't let me and now I find that you yourself open the door! Ah! Just teasing.. I know it's hard. I get so sad when I'm at your house and she doesn't want to nap/sleep. Remember the time she started saying my name when Jody was taking her to bed? That was like the worst moment of my life. I just wanted to rescue her and have an all-night slumber party with her. But alas.. daddy put her to bed. :(

I love y'all and I think you both are wonderful parents.. better than I could do.

Well everyone else gave you good advice, but I'd say, just bring her to aunt Christy. You know that's what she really wants. I am so sorry that I cause such delimas! ;)

Love you. See you soon!!!!

Christy said...

P.S. Next time, you can kill two birds with one stone and just bring her to aunt Christy, while you relax in a nice bubble bath in my large bathtub.. I'll even loan you my shaving cream and pluckers. (please bring your own razor.. I'm weird about things like that.) Of course, there are two dangers in this.. teaching Mikayla that crying gets her what she wants, and the risk of you getting injured when the tub finally does fall all the way through the floor. Don't worry, it won't be you... just the weak floor and water leaks, etc. LOVE, LOVE.

Grace said...

hey christy. it will be like old times with the trampoline. but i hope nobody gets hurt this time.

well sarah. i'm not sure what to say. i type this as abby is crying and not liking returning to her crib after about 10 days in a playpen. but she's awesome about sleeping anywhere i put her. so when i have any suggestions, it doesn't come too much from experience. but little sarah was a little troublesome. still is.

one of the hardest parts about being a mom is those important lessons that take anywhere from months (potty training, sleep schedules, etc.) to years (sharing, obeying, cleaning up after themselves). so i know what you mean about this seems like you're whole life and it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as sleep goes. i love you and i hope it will work out for you soon. the best news is knowing that sooner or later, hopefully not later but maybe, it will work itself out. love you. call me at night if you need someone to vent to.

Christy said...

Grace, I love you. Wish you were coming to Canada Day 2007. Too bad. I really, really want to talk to you soon.. I have some venting of my own! but alas! I have to go to bed and get up early and look cute in my new shirt. What a life.

And about the trampoline.. here are some funny quotes.

"Mom, Sarah broke her leg."
"Well, y'all should have known better than to all be on there at one time."

Gotta love my mom and her logic.

Sarah, I hope bedtime goes better tonight. I'm sure it will, though, since she saw aunt Christy today. That usually mellows her out, right??? ;)

Can't wait for Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget to call me on my favourite day of the year. You too, Grace.

Love, love, love. LOVE.

Christy said...

Sarah, don't get mad that I talked to Grace on your blog.. just remember, your comments number just went up and up. :)

lauradodson said...

Good talking to the hub last night...just called to check to see if you still had that door open. :o)

I did like what Jody said though, about the advice y'all had gotten about M being little only once.

The good thing about all this is you two are the Mom and Dad and get to decide whatever you want. :o)


Rebekah said...

I remember going through that stage with Ryan. We eventually just let him scream it out. There was often discipline involved too, but just letting him cry it out was all we could do at times. It is nerve wracking and heart-breaking to see that anger in your little one, but that's the hard part of being a parent! Just remember, "and it came to PASS...."

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

aww I remember my baby days and thats how I acted I think from what my mom said and hey I never did like my bed times eaither and well I think even up to this day I'm like going to bed at one to 2 in the morning but yeah just let her cry then evntually she'll stop so I'll pray for ya for that. (:)

gerlthouse said...

Hey Sarah-
Just getting caught up on all that's going on in your world. I was thrilled to see that tiny baby picture!!
Just to encourgage you...Anna Kate is a night owl. A legitimate, real, live night owl. She gets it from me. Her bedtime is at 8:00 and, more often than not, we here her in her room singing well past 10:00. All of her little life she has been this way.
When she was little she would stand at the rails and chatter or sing. I'm with everyone else. Shut the door. Sit outside of it if you have to. I did. I would set my timer for 10 minutes and sit outside her door. The timer is the key. You know that she'll make it for that long and be safe. If she just cries and you don't know how long it has been, 3 minutes can seem like an eternity.
Shut the door, set the timer and wait. Pat her on the bottom, lay her down and set the timer again. She'll get the picture. Eventually she'll just give it up and sing a few (thousand) songs. :) You're doing great!!