Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Have I ever mentioned that I love cherries?? I do! My sweet mommy just delivered some to my house this evening. We had a bbq to celebrate the 4th. Jody did a great job cooking out. The menu included chicken, poppers, cornbread salad, beans, and squash with onions. For dessert we had apple pie. (No, not homemade. I have lots of trouble making apple pie. It always turns out runny and it frustrates me. So, I buy the frozen kind and it always turns out yummy. Yummy, not runny- perfect. :) We had my parents over and Mikayla's favorite Aunt Christy. A very enjoyable evening for me, although Christy seems to think I'm a bit crazy/sensitive in this pregnancy. Who knows. Maybe I am.

My first appt is MONDAY!! I'm excited for the day to come. I do know that whatever happens and whatever we see that God will give us great grace. In that I am confident. I saw this verse the other day and it was special to me:

"The voice of the Lord maketh the hinds to calve..."
~Psalm 29:9a

Isn't that great?? It doesn't just "happen." The Lord is in control of it all. I love it.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, dear ladies for your encouraging comments on my previous post. We've decided to rock her/love her to sleep until she gets older. It's going quite smoothly (of course).

How about that hot dog eating contest?? CRAZY x a million. 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes. Unreal. Talk about indigestion. At least they're Nathan's (the best hot dog you can find).

Happy 4th!


Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

good luck with your doctor's appoitment and hey oh my gosh I love cherries to they are really good and especially a cherry icy from sonic or whatever. (:)

Emmie said...

Love the preggie! Glad you liked the cherries and found them blog-worthy. Enjoy.

Christy said...

Thanks for a great evening... I LOVE that Mikayla! And you!! Jody did do a good job with the grilling!

I also meant to thank you for sharing your blueberries with me Tuesday... I forgot to use them with my cereal though. Oh well, they may not have gone too well with PBC.

Let me know the next time I can come love Mikayla to sleep.. that was so fun! :)

And for the record, Christy does not think you're a bit crazy/sensitive in this pregnancy.. I just thought you were extra frazzled last night. I still love you anyway!! And I actually kinda like it when you're frazzled because then you call me and I get to come help with Mikayla!!!!! My favourite!!!

Maybe I can visit on the way to/or from Dr. Zondag tomorrow.... Yikes.. I'm scared. Deep breaths..

lauradodson said...

Yum cherries! and so glad y'all decided what you need to do!

Grace said...

hey girl. i'm not thinking very clearly but i know that saying i love you is better than nothing. better let you go though in case i say something weird. love you.