Monday, December 25, 2006

My very own Beethoven

Another good day here @ the LA Dodsons. So tonight we go over to the church for a hymn sing, which I suggested because I thought it'd be an enjoyable time. Well, it was. I had NO idea my mom-in-law played the piano, but she sat right down and beautifully played while we belted out some old hymns. I didn't think much of it except for the fact that Jean did quite well, and I was enjoying myself. So, Jody, yes Jody, goes up to the piano for his turn. I'm thinking ha ha ha ha, that boy can't play. And he sits down and tells me he's going to play Farther Along (which is not my favorite song; sorry, but to me it sounds kinda whiny). I chuckle to myself and he starts playing and Jean comes to sit by me and starts singing along.

I WAS IN SHOCK. seriously.

I'm just sitting on the pew, holding Mikayla and in awe of what my husband's doing. My mind is racing with all sorts of thoughts. The main one being, I've got to see this up close and personal. So, I numbly walked up to the piano, only to find out that Jody is playing on an electric piano with music that the pianist recorded so the church can have music the times she can't be there. The mystery was solved. And, of course, there was lots of laughter. They sure pulled a funny one on me, eh? :) I'll probably laugh about that for many years to come!

In other news. My Mikayla is still not feeling so well. Poor baby. I'd sure take her pain for her if I could. I remember sometimes (I think it was during my pregnancy)I'd be hurting and Grace would say, I wish I could take half of the pain for you. Now isn't that the sweetest!? How reasonable.

Other fun things I did today:

$- played many rounds of boggle (with Jean)
$- played a Scrabble game
$- sang
$- kissed Jody
$- ate some delicious food prepared with love by sweet Jean
$- played dominoes (and WON, but I really didn't want to put that)
$- had a nice visit with Renee and her sister 'Tina
$- got some phone calls from friends (Grace and Christy- the friend who went to my house, played with our cat, cleaned out his litter, and loved on him. AWWW!) Can't beat that in a friendship, am I right? I might thank her with some lemon grass rice noodles. that'll be sure to make her feel appreciated.

Do I have MONEY on the mind? Nope. Just couldn't find a bullet button. hee hee

Feels like a bath night. Get some rest, ladies. CC, enjoy your new Eeyore! Good night; sleep well.


Grace said...

wow sarah. i haven't even read your post but i'm super excited that you're still getting to blog when you're in lalalalalalala. can't wait to read it. good night, i love you.

Emmie said...

PSST: Sarah's had a blog for a while. She's POSTING. (Though I GUESS you could call it blogging....) That Jody is such a show-off! I would've fallen off the pew, too, if I'd been there! Kisses to Miggy! I love all the Dodsons. (At least MISTY didn't beat me to commenting!)

Misty said...

well here I am better late than never! Sounds like yall are having a great time in Louisiana. We are awaiting the arrival of our Texas company:)
love you

Laura said...

can't wait till Jan. when we get to go! and...Lord willing, I will be heading up to Pampa (the panhandle where my bestest friend lives) to see Mendi and her fam over Spring Break...SOOOO, I am thinking we'll go through Brownwood and stop and stay with y'all one night before heading up there. Can we? Just me and the boys. We've never stayed at y'alls house, ever, ever....

Christy said...

Pssst, Mingus asked me to kindly tell you guys to come home soon because he's super lonely. Aww, poor Ming.. He also said that he secretly likes me best now since I'm all he's seen over the past week. ;)

Just kidding.. kinda.

Hope y'all have a safe trip back. I NEEEEEED to see Mikayla ASAP. And I do mean ASAP. Love y'all.


sarahdodson said...

Hey, Grace, have you read the post YET? Seems like you forgot to. That's ok though.

Mom, you do get on the ball with your comments. They're always so lively and fun- just like YOU! Come home soon. We've got lots of shopping to do.

Misty, enjoy your company. Rejoicing with you in your NEWS!

Laura, I'm so thrilled (for both Dodson families) that y'all are headed to LA. I know you'll have a blast. And yes, come see us!! :)

CC, you're the best. (sorry, Grace) Thanks for all you did for us. and Mingy, too!