Friday, January 05, 2007

A day at Emmie's house

What would a week be without a trip to Emmie's house? Right? Oh, it's so much fun over here:) My mom so kindly cooked me some fish sticks, Annie's mac 'n' cheese, and prepared for me a lovely salad. And before our walk, Emmie took this pic of Mikayla with her lambchop (acc. to Mikayla, the very best stuffed animal a little girl could have) from her Aunt Laura. Note the very soiled ear on the little lamb, and Mikayla's teeth- two new ones coming in on the top!

And, here's a "new" verse I came across and LOVED:

O continue thy lovingkindness unto them that know thee;
and thy righteousness to the upright in heart.
~Psalm 36:10


Anonymous said...

Cute, cute. Good photographer! I love that Miggy! Thanks for coming over!

Laura said...

oooo a lamby lover. :o) reminds me so much of joshua and his ellie that he carried around and sucked on for years and years...we actually had to replace it a few times. all three are tucked away in a box but the prized one is the ellie, sr.

Laura said...

oh! and great verse!!!

Grace said...

sarah, you've got one of the cutest kids ever. just wanted to say that i loved your post and can't wait for the next one. let me know where the anniv party is going to be for you and jody this year. if jody wants, we can all have a sleepover at your house. girls in one bed, boys in the other! yay! can't wait. love you and yours.

Misty said...

Mikayla is beautiful and in this picture I see you in her, I think it is her glow. Love you

Christy said...

Boy oh boy, everyone beat me to it.. well, I can't help it that I was out all night with Pwe getting a cappuccino and whatnot. Man. But, in my defense, I did stop by and see you today, and I shared my water with you when your mouth caught fire from the hot sauce.. and that's gotta count for something. Right? Hey, good thing you ventured out into the night to rescue lamby.. man, just in the nick of time, I hear. Love you loads. Five million kisses for Miggy. And can you even believe the Harvmyster wasn't wearing a green shirt. We almost didn't recognize him. What is going on in the world. I'd better have another cappuccino. Or just go to bed. Bonus points for me for this epic comment, right? Thought so. Love you!!!!