Thursday, January 11, 2007

Please help me deflate an ego!

Ok, my sister Grace
(needless to say) gets WAY more comments than I ever do. And, yes, she brags about it constantly and rubs it in my face, etc. We know the same amount of people (maybe I know even more) and yet, she racks up the comments like there's not tomorrow. And there might not be, I realize. So, in an effort to deflate (just a little) sweet Grace's ego, I'm imploring you to help me get at least ONE more comment than her. JUST THIS ONCE. And hey, if it doesn't work, everyone will at least know that I feel a tad slighted about the whole thing. She needs to be put in her place. I decided that this is going to work even if I have to leave ALL the comments. whoo hoo!

On a more serious note: My mom and I are participating in a challenge to read through the Bible in 90 days. Today was our second day of reading, and it's been a tremendous blessing - how could it not be?? Since the Lord saved me in '96, I've read through the Bible once. I'm looking forward to learning more of my Great God!

So, if you have a favorite verse, quote, color of nail polish, time of day, person, pair of shoes, chore, collection, book, movie, country, drink @ Starbucks, perfume -
please comment and share, ok? Off to the real world where laundry and dishes await me.
ps. I forgot to mention that there remains no bitterness in my heart toward my sissy. in fact, she's a great writer and a really fun person indeed.


Grace said...

just to show you that i hope you beat me, i'll lead the march towards the impossible (beating me that is.) i will put in my two cents that dean is my favorite person in the whole world and i wish that he was home every second. he's the only person that i can be around 24/7 and still want more. well, there sarah. better not leave too much since i've got plenty more comments in me. until the next comment.

Mary said...

For those of you who do not know, this is just another area of that Risse COMPETITION! I am rooting for both of you. Maybe it will be a tie. Or is that tye?

Favorite things...did you actually mention shoes? Surely you must have been thinking of me or maybe Grace, and I think Heather gets in on that one as well. I spent almost a complete hour last Saturday in Dillard's just trying on shoes. Sadly...I did not buy any, and I even had a gift card. There is something wrong with that picture.

You are both great bloggers. Looking forward to seeing the final count.

Grace said...

three to nothing so far. mary, we don't know what you're talking about with this risse competition thing. weird. (kidding. i'm just happy i can for sure beat her in ping pong. at least that takes skill.) well, you'd better be commenting on my, sarah. love you. and if you beat me, then i'm going to go back and look for the post with the most comments on it and that's the one i'm going by. bye now.

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

I love you, Sarah.

Random comments:

1. Unlike some of our dear friends above, I HATE shoe shopping. I'd rather clean toilets. Seriously.

2. Marriage is fun and you have always displayed such a constant love for your husband. Wanted you to know that. You're a great example.

3. What's the greatest AND what's the hardest thing about being a mom?

Emmie said...

Jamie, how are YOU liking your husband?

Sarah, here goes!

My sweet dotter and that boy-who-hangs-around-her got me some mini Three Musketeers (hope Papa doesn't read these comments--he'll conquer them!). Aren't they nice? They even let me babysit the-one-who-sobs-so-pitifully-when-told-NO. We sure had a great time, at least until I said, NO. Rats. Cutie pie girl!

Off to figure out how to blog about Chad when he won't blog about himself. I even have a great pic...and an even better story to go with it.

Love you, Mi!

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Sarah - working hard to get you up to 6 comments. I typed up one that got erased somehow. Sad.

Anyway, Viv - this is for you, take 2.

Then - it's your turn to answer, female half of blogworld. Answer on Sarah's page, too, so she'll win.

"How are you liking your husband?"

1. Everyone Saturday morning, he lets me sleep in a little (my only day off) and makes pancakes and starts the coffee! Then, we go on a walk together.
2. Every morning, he reads to me from Scripture (family devotions) after we eat breakfast together!
3. On a few occasions, he's been known to surprise me after school, showing up with coffee and "comfy clothes" and orders to change clothes, take a coffee break, and visit. Then, he'll help around the room and take me out to dinner when we're through working!
4. We love to have grocery races. We do our shopping on Sunday. I make and categorize the list and we half it. We each get a grocery cart and the first one done wins! ;)
5. He is patient with me.
6. He makes wise decisions and prays earnestly about them.
7. He is patient with me :)
8. He encourages my weaknesses.
9. He is an answer to many prayers - some from others like you, some from myself, and some I neglected to pray, but God is faithful. What a daily gift Dustin is...
10. Oh.. and he makes me laugh. He comes up with the greatest "fake" names that go with Butts. :)
Love that man. :)
Your turn!
Bye bye for the evening!

Grace said...

okay, i don't really know you, "mrs. jamie butts," but wow are you being mean to me. i'm just a sad little girl all by myself here in mckinney that stays at home all day without a car:( and this is how i'm treated:( i'm fixing to throw in the towel. nobody loves me:( mary, i haven't seen a comment on mine in a while:(

sarahdodson said...

Jamie, that's what I like about you. You're not just a surface gal- you've got lots of depth and you're very kindhearted. To answer your question/s:

The greatest thing about being a mom is- can it be summed up in ONE thing??? how hard! ok, maybe it's the fact that Mikayla comes from both of us, and the Lord blessing that union of husband and wife AND that I'm able to give LOTS of love I had no idea was cooped up!

The hardest thing is- trusting the Lord with her life/soul, but I know it's a must and a place of rest.

Thanks for your questions. And thanks for your sweet comments. I DO love my dear husband, and I'm humbled it shows. very humbled.

Sounds like YOU have a wonderful one of your own. What a sweetie to be/do all he is/does for you. I love to see a happy marriage. We've definitely been blessed with one. Thank the Lord!

sarahdodson said...

Grace, I know you're rolling your eyes at me right now that I'm commenting on my own. stop.

Dear Mary, we ARE competitive. What's the deal with that? Maybe we get it from our brothers. I cannot BELIEVE you didn't end up with a new pair of shoes. Unheard of. Don't worry about commenting on Grace's. Believe me, my mom has made up for it. Looking forward to seeing you again some fine day...

Christy said...

My favourite verse is Isaiah 40:31.

Christy said...

My favourite quote is, "Paul, life is too short, plus it's really long." (And I hope you remember who said that! and why it's my favourite!)

Christy said...

My favourite nail polish colour is that one you used on my toes that one time.. yeah, that narrows it down, eh? Uh, I don't the technical name, but it was pale pink.

Christy said...

My favourite time of day is 4 p.m. because that means work and bus are OVER! and also, it's time one of my favourite shows but I won't mention which one since you don't like it.

Christy said...

My favourite person... Well, come on, how could I ever answer that one??? There are just toooo many to choose from, but I can honestly say that you, Mikayla, Grace, and your mom are in my top 10. ;)

.. I was gonna say Chris Isaak, but that'd be kinda weird.. Nuts.

Christy said...

Favourite pair of shoes... I don't know. My pink crocs are comfy.. but ugly. So I don't really have an answer for this one. Maybe Mary needs to take me shoe shopping so I can learn from a pro and stop getting stuck with shoes I can't even say are my favourite. Yep.

Christy said...

Chores are not fun. That's why they're called chores. Who honestly has a favourite chore?? Because if you like it, is it really considered a "chore"???

I do love me some vacuuming, though. :)

Christy said...

Collection... Hate to say it, but 4538765 skating vids don't lie. Yep.

Christy said...

Book... Joy in the Morning. Close second - How To Be a Canadian. Yes, it's a real book title. And yes, you can borrow it sometime.

Christy said...

Movie... I can't pick one. But for the sake of this comment.. CLIFFORD! (Theory.) (Ring bearer!)

Christy said...

I'm sure I don't even have to say anything.. if you check your list, you'll automatically know the next question, and the next answer.

The maple leaf forever.

sarahdodson said...

45 Cheers for CC!!!!!!!! What a gal. She knows how to do what she needs to do to deflate the ego of our dear Gracie. Yipppeee for Christy:)

Christy said...

All I have to say now is... Starbucks = Grrrrrrrrrr.

But you can feel free to treat me to a white chocolate mocha anytime you get the urge.

Christy said...

Perfume = VS Dream Angels Heavenly. Not that I buy perfume. But Rachel got it for me once and it's def. my favourite.

I also like Mary-KateandAshley perfume. Don't even laugh. I am not ashamed. (Seriously, stop with the laughing.)

Christy said...

And now my dear friend, can I assume the check is in the mail??


Just kidding.. Love you!!!!

Christy said...

P.S. Don't forget your journal, girl!

Can't wait to see Mik Mac!!

Misty said...

Wow Sarah, I almost missed out on this one. I agree with Mary, this is just another competition!!! Grace how do you get all those comments? must be nice:)
love yall