Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Charity never faileth

3 words with such meaning. I think those words sum up 1 Corinthians 13. Any input or thoughts on what it actually means?? Does it seems sometimes that charity DOES fail? I know it doesn't because the Word of God is true. Hmmm.. I need some input here.

Yes, my dear parents spent the evening with me. Does it get any better than THAT?? I want to make a list of this evening's happenings, so here goes:

1- we talked, talked and talked some more
2- we had rotisserie chicken salad
3- my mom and I made fudge with walnuts (big mistake!)
4- we played Scrabble
5- we played with Baby Girl
6- did I mention that I won 2 of 3 games of Scrabble? (sorry, mom:)
7- and we almost played boggle, but my dad chickened out

Good times to be sure. You know, as I mentioned to my parents and CC, this world is so big, and so many people have hurts. It's easy for me to get caught up in my own little world and just focus on my own personal affairs. I want to get away from that and be a blessing to others, and reach out and be open for however the Lord would choose to use me in another's life.

I'm going to be on the lookout for a ladies' bible study here in Brownwood prob @ Coggin Ave Baptist Church. I REALLY miss those times and the study I did there, I learned SO much. It was extremely exciting to see such beautiful truths from the Bible explained like never before. I've gotten the "ok" from my dear husband, so Lord willing, I'll be attending one soon. Yay. :) I love learning new things.

What else is new? Oh yes, the Georgian Risses are coming for a visit this week. I, Lord willing, get to meet my new niece Naomi Joy. What a beautiful name. No doubt tears will be present, as was the case in the meeting of sweet baby Abby Rose. I'm really looking forward to this visit.

I've got a dentist appt on Thursday morning.

I REALLY wish I could find my glasses. I lost them a couple of months ago, and so often I find myself wanting to take off my contacts and put on glasses to give my eyes a break, but alas, they're nowhere to be found. So, my contacts get a lot of use from me. If I don't find them before January, I'll get some new ones. Has anyone priced glasses lately?? IT'S RIDICULOUS! but, it might be one of those things where once you know more about it, it makes more sense. try me.

8- many moths entered my house tonight. what ARE moths anyhow?? to me, they're just sandy butterflies without the beautiful colors. I imagine they have SOMEthing going for them...

good night! I've babbled more than seems right.
ps. I'm IN LOVE with my precious husband and my baby girl. sigh.


Grace said...

wow, good job blogging sarah. i bet you're going to love that little naomi. she has the sweetest personality ever. and she's super cute. i can't wait to remeet her. what awards is mom giving out? she's sparked my curiosity. can't wait for thanksgiving. thanks for sharing your house with us.

Misty said...

i love when you write sarah, so this was a real treat. Cannot wait to flow tears over the babies when we meet.
love you

Vivi said...

My sweet girls! I can't wait for us to get together! I LOVE THANKSGIVING! Whee! More on "charity" later. I love you!

sarahdodson said...

I was thinking of "charity never faileth" in its context. Prophecies will fail. Tongues shall cease. Knowledge shall vanish away. I think never faileth means that charity will never cease to exist. Just a thought.

Christy said...

Let's definitely talk about this more soon. I heart you. See you sooon - hopefully after a nap. I really need one!