Thursday, November 02, 2006

You guessed it!... not.

Well, everyone gather 'round. Have I got some great news for you. I won a gray throw from BRMC. Whoo hoo! Just in time to keep our family warm. Jody so kindly took this pic just a few minutes ago. Hope y'all have a great day. I've got LOTS to do and I'd better get busy. Toodles.


Grace said...

wow, that blanket did come just in time for winter. sure looks pretty. i might add, however, that everything in the picture looks to be the same color. it's kinda like a periwinkle splash painting. but i sure love it. call me. wish mamma would stop by my house unannounced. can't wait to see you saturday. love you.

Vivi said...

THIS is what happens when I leave the house for a few minutes--Grace gets the jump on me!

Can't wait for everyone to come see my new room. I'm loving it! If only I had some 5' black shelves from IKEA.... (Wishful thinking....)

I LOVE YOU! Sure had fun with Miggy tonight. What a dear!

Thanks for your listening ear.

Lubs! --Em

PS Blogger won't let me put the "less than" and "greater than" signs with the word "sigh" between them after the first paragraph! I guess I'll just have to sigh without the sound effects....

Rebekah said...

Hey! It's been a long time since I've left you a comment, but I've been reading! Congrats on the throw! What fun! And perfect timing with this cool weather we've been having!
See you soon, I hope!

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

Awesome. (:)