Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I've been inspired by 2

Well, well, well- it's been awhile, eh? I've been inspired by 2 dear ladies to finally get back into blogging. The first is my sister Grace, who just moved to TX(!), has 3 children and has several new posts complete with pictures. And Mary, who commented to me this evening that it'd been awhile since I had last posted. Ok, I get the hint:)

My precious daughter is crying right now, but she should be sleeping. That's been the scene for about a month now. I'm pretty frustrated with it. How I love that girl. My brother-in-law Dean suggested changing up her nighttime routine, but we don't have much of one to change. Just getting into pj's and putting her in her crib. Any suggestions out there?? I need help. I pray the Lord will give me wisdom/patience/and love dealing with her. She's fine when we pick her up (usually). It's hard for me to believe that she wouldn't want to just GO TO SLEEP! I sure do.

Mikayla and I had a most lovely evening with Grandpa and Emmie. My dad cooked some beans and my mom made some delish rice (although Rebekah's taught me to make rice, I still can't- it's unreal!), and I made some guacamole. What a yummy dinner! AND, Mary and Christy joined us in a game of Imaginif.

And we had moo-llenium crunch ice cream for dessert. -Mary.

I'd better go tend to my daughter. Her crying absolutely breaks my heart. I need prayer, but I guess, don't we all? :)


Emmie said...

I feel your pain witht the crying. You're a great mommy, and Miggy is so blessed to have you. You'll do it right. I love you and yours so much, Miss Blogger.

Grace said...

hey there. that's wierd that i'd be an inspiration for anything. well, if that's what it takes, then i'll try to keep up the blogging. i'm glad last night went a little better. hope to see you soon. call me. give baby girl a kiss from aunt grace.

Kelli Bragdon said...

Hey you don't know me but I have three little girls and We have gone through the same hard times in different ways with all three. The hardest part for me was to stick with what I thought I should try for longer than one night. The crying is so hard but if you help your daughter learn to go to sleep on her own right now it'll save lots of time and heartache later. :) What we did is start with a 15 min. period. IF after 10 or 15 mins. she is still crying go into the room during a deep breath or break in the crying and comfort her. Try not to pick her up or let her see your face but talk to her and pat her. Then when she is calm leave the room and start over. After about a week of this you will start to pick up a pattern. Our oldest would cry for about 45 mins and then drift off to sleep but it wasn't a distress cry she was just mad. If there are any breaks then you know she's ok. If it's a serious i'm in pain cry thenyou should definitely pick her up. Our second daughter never cried. If she did it was 5 mins. tops. THEN there was our 3rd!! SHe still gives us fits but COnsistency is the key!! I hope that this is encouraging to you. I know how hard it is. I spent many nights outside my daughters door crying waiting for the timer to go off so I could go comfort her but now she sleeps great and we don't have any sleep issues with her. I am thankful for that time we spent working on it, but at the time those 2 or 3 weeks felt like a lifetime!! Just remember, God's grace is sufficient even for mother's with screaming babies!! Blessings- Kelli Bragdon

Blake & Shaunna said...

Yea for blogging!! Hope you and your family are doing well!!

sarahdodson said...

Emmie, I'm humbled by your words. thanks for your prayers. And I love YOU and yours so much!
ps. looking forward to our class tomorrow!!

Grace, tonight's a bit better, too! yay:) Hopefully by tomorrow, we'll have those mpix photos ready for the looking. love ya!

Kelli, you are a sweetie to leave such a comment. thank you for taking the time to write and share what has worked for you. Also, thanks for the encouragement. I know this, too, shall pass. When I first put her down, she cries very angrily, and I don't know if it's b/c the fun has ended for the day or what. But the past 2 nights have actually beeen better. I will heed your words of wisdom.
ps. I tried to leave a comment on your blog but I don't think it worked out. I'll try again though. You've got a great blog!

Shaunna! - thanks for commenting. Blogging is fun, eh? Our family is doing really well. We're enjoying our daughter probably more than is allowed- ha!