Saturday, August 25, 2007

Last words

I've been reading (off/on) a book called All the Last Words of Saints and Sinners by Lockyer. It's SUCH a good book and as you can imagine- very sobering. I would highly recommend it to anybody. ( I believe it's my mom's book) I want to share an excerpt that I liked.

Constantina Bellone was a martyr of Roman Catholicism. Because she refused to go to mass, a priest ordered slices of flesh to be cut from various parts of her body. Finally the priest ordered a company of musketeers to fire upon her, and as they raised their muskets, the brave Protestant said:

"I was brought up in a religion by which I was taught to renounce the devil, but should I comply with your desire and go to mass, I should be sure to meet him there in a variety of shapes. What horrid and lasting torments will you suffer in hell for the trifling and temporary pains which I now endure."

WOW. What boldness. what faith. There are MANY more that really touched me. I'll problably share a few more in the near future.

17 weeks pregnant!! Priase the Lord all is going so well. I'm looking forward feeling the baby move. Maybe tonight! :)

Oh yeah. It's Luke EArnest Risse. In my previous post, I left out the a. oops.


Grace said...

wow, that was nice of jody. i didn't know he knew how to do that. well, tomorrow's the big day. ian's first day of school. wish you were here to capture the whole thing via camera. love you.

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

It sounds like a good book, I'm gonna have to read it.

Emmie said...

Poor little guys just got here and finally got his name spelled right, and in the right order (Grace!)!

MUST BE NICE to have the men cook, serve, and clean up for you. sigh.

Emmie said...

PS Correction: Misty did NOT have twins: Only one Luke Earnest. Pobresito.

Jamie Butts said...

Hi! Did you finish the People Pleasing book? I miss you. Sorry I haven't been around the blogs as much lately. Love you though! Congrats on the nephew!

Christy said...

Oh, that Jody... :)

Love you. (Even if I did look forward ALL day to having Mikayla this afternoon only to find out I wasn't.. I still love.)

Jamie Butts said...

Oh, I definitely don't need the book back anytime soon at all. Enjoy it, pass it around, etc. Just curious. Miss you. Loev ya!