Thursday, August 16, 2007

Goin' shoppin'

Tomorrow evening we're planning on staying the night in Abilene where we want to:

  • Relax and have fun
  • Shop for MATERNITY clothes- yay!
  • Eat @ Abuelos (our favorite restaurant)
  • go to the zoo
  • watch the air show on Saturday

Now doesn't that sound nice?? I sure think so. I know it's close to home, but it will still be nice to get a night away with my little family :)

On September 10 @ 4pm, we're hoping to find out if I'm carrying a boy or girl!!! I'm so excited. Less than 4 weeks away! And we've invited my dear mommy and sweet CC to be there. :)

AND, my in-laws are coming for a visit this coming up week. Does it get any better than that?? Maybe Jean will (once again) try to teach me to crochet. I really want to make a blanket for this precious life inside of me. I've never made more than a row:(

So, it's off to Wal-Mart today for a few things we're needing. milk. chocolate. You know, the norm.

Thank you, ladies, for your sweet comments. It sure helps to make my day extra special reading them:)

Be still and know that I am God. ~Psalm 46:10 (love this verse)


Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

Whooo!!!!!!. Hope you have fun and a good day. (:)

Grace said...

thomas was super nice. even gave the kids little presents from china. it was funny talking to him b/c i use a lot of expressions and i know he doesn't understand them, so it was a very quiet conversation. have you called sarah for her birthday yet??? it's already 8:30. she was a little worried if you were ok. can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl. i'm hoping for boy. and you didn't make my babies blankets:( how sad. well, love you. wish i were there to go with you to abilene. always remember, the maternity shopping is WAY better in mckinney. bye now.

Vivi said...

ALL shopping is better in McKinney! It meant so much that you came over today! LUBS! See you soon, love!

laurad said...

have fun with the fam. Wish we were there! I start school tomorrow! boys start next week.