Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Gracie Girl!

Yeppers, it's my dear sissy's birthday today!! She (finally) turned 25. Wow, is she ever OLD! She's certainly a huge joy in my life; I thank the Lord that I have her as a sister- I couldn't ask for a better:)

Well, our family fun weekend was SO great and here are some of the highlights:

  • a clean, (a DEFINITE requirement) very comfy hotel room
  • my absolute favorite meal @ Abuelos (shrimp with jalapenos and cheese wrapped with bacon and grilled- YUM- with cheese sauce, steamed broccoli and rice). My PRECIOUS husband insisted on it for me :) (yes, CC, this time Mikayla got her own side of fries with her own dipping container and LOVED IT!)
  • We got to see Dan Edwards!! (anyone know who that is??) and didn't talk to him- rats! we had so much to say...
  • we didn't get TOO much rain, but we did go through some very deep water while driving around and going to the mall
  • I GOT SOME NEW MATERNITY CLOTHES! and my Joseph was extremely patient and kind as I tried on clothes and then tried on more clothes
  • we saw a good air show and it was LOUD; we had to cover Mikayla's ears- it really scared her:( but they had yummy cheeseburgers, so that made up for it (kinda)

Ok, enough on that. It's good to be home. We had a terrific Lord's day, for which I'm so grateful for. The men decided next Sunday after morning services that they'll be cooking for us women!!! Grilled steaks, baked potatoes, beans, salad and bread. Who knows if they'll remember drinks or dessert or anything like that, but who cares, right? :) How fun.

16 weeks now!! 3 more weeks till we (hope to) find out the gender of baby D #3. PLEASE pray for Misty! If she doesn't go into labor on her own by Friday, they'll induce. WHEEE!


Emmie said...

I love Grace, too! Happy Birthday, my baby girl!

Happy, happy about Abilene. It sounds like you had a great time without me. Rats.

THANK YOU for your prayers!

See you soon! Lubs!

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

Happy birthday to grace and not even that old. Sounds like ya had a very good time and the men cooking sounds pretty good a chance to give the women a break. (:)

Christy said...

I can't believe you didn't tell Dan Edwards how mad I was at him for that time he said the tornado wasn't coming to Blanket and then two seconds later the weather radio said it was headed to, where?, yep, Blanket. Thanks a lot Dan. (I know, I know... God controls that.. ) Still. He does have good curls, though.

Glad you had fun and got some clothes!! (Yay for tax freeeeee!!) Even more glad about Mikayla's french fries! Boy, will Linda be happy to hear it!! lol

Love, love, love, love.. and more LOVE!!!


Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

Oh yeah, bye the way how old is Mikayla because my cousin just told me now that she had some clothes for a 1 or 2 year old so I wasnt sure how old she was also, they are winter clothes.