Thursday, November 08, 2007

And then it happened

What? you ask. That I have to stand sideways now to do dishes b/c my tummy is so big. HA! I chuckled to myself:) I just wonder when my feet will do that swelling thing.... I remember that most vividly with Mikayla- doing dishes standing sideways and having my feet tingle from the swelling. Fun stuff here!

We attended the petting zoo today. I was not extremely impressed. Thankfully the admission was free (and rightly so). The highlights?

~Christy came with us
~the weather was gorgeous
~Mikayla liked the tiger
~the camel didn't spit on us

That about sums it up. Then we came home and had some banana bread together with chocolate milk. and talked.

I took my glucose test today. And I was mistaken about something. The drink was NOT orange, it was red. Go figure. The lady poured it into a cup and told me to drink it as fast as I could. I got a little nervous and then gulped it down. Then I waited for an hour. And read most of the book of Esther. Oh, it's so good! The power of fasting. Read it sometime. :) Then the lady after some needle maneuvering (sp??!) finally got the blood going. Phew! All in all, a good experience. It's interesting the conversations you hear from people about to get stuck:) (I have GOOD veins, my veins roll, etc.)

Good night, my faithful friends.


Grace said...

well, you've done it again. good morning. sorry i didn't get to it last night. i went to sleep at 8:20!!! that's the earliest in our marriage i think. we've never not stayed up for csi. so i'm up and about this morning without the alarm clock. how fun. but it is going off right now. that's annoying. well, i sure do love you. call me anytime.

Emmie said...

Love the pincushion, and the good speller. Come by it honestly, eh? Papa beat me in Scrabble--ouch. (That was my pride crying out.) Call anytime. Lubs!