Thursday, November 29, 2007

Guess who's coming to town?

No, it's not "Santa" I'm speaking of (although my mom DID inform me that he's coming this Saturday to Brownwood Wal-Mart by helicopter- hooray). I learned that Casting Crowns- my current favorite Christian band- will be in Abilene on February 1st @ 7pm. Whoo hooo! AND the tickets are very reasonably priced. Anyone want to go with me??

I mentioned this wonderful bit of news to my precious husband, and he seems to think (probably practically) it's not such a good idea to go one day before our son is due. RATS. What do you think?? Hey, I'll be up for it, I'm quite sure. I can't think of a better way to spend a day, actually. So, I "made" Jody say maybe. And he did.

I mean, they sing the song I want played at my funeral (And now my lifesong sings). It's beautiful! I told Jody that if I died giving birth, they could sing it LIVE at my funeral since they'd be in town. He didn't seem to think that was as cool as I thought it'd be;) Oh well.

Am I being unreasonable?? Please say no! :)


Emmie said...

Let's ALL go, bring lots of hot water (you ALWAYS need hot water for births--probably to give the daddy something to do!) and scissors to cut the cord. How's THAT sound? And, if you make it through the concert, we'll all have a nice peaceful ride home, and THEN your water can break. Let's hear it for Groundhog Day--Papa's favorite! Bring on the baby!

Grace said...

oh girl. jody's so paranoid. of course you can go! abilene's got a great hospital and you can drive fast in between towns. maybe i can't go with you. love you. call me tomorrow.

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

you crack me up,
I got to go when they were here in San Antonio.. I loved it. It was sooooo good. Hope you get to go!
Tell that baby to stay inside till your done with concert than he can pop out ANYTIME lol.