Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Doesn't that sound so neat??! I've been looking forward to this day for a while now, and it's here! I guess time DOES march on- phew! I had my (almost) 36 week appt today and all looks good. The only thing that has changed is my weight. ahem. Christy so kindly watched our Mikayla for us. She even dusted my piano! :) I do appreciate that girl. When we got home we had some taco soup, which I think turned out pretty good.

And later on this evening, we had our weekly bible study with our dear neighbors. Every week has been such a blessing. Today the topics were the fear of God and persevering. These studies are a tremendous encouragement in my life. Mikayla makes it very interesting (loud, hard to concentrate, etc.), but what I CAN concentrate on always is beneficial.

Today Jody said that it's starting to hit him that we're having a baby. It's about time! :) I'm terribly thankful for that dear man!!!

Hopefully I'll be getting to bed early this evening. Rest does not come as easily as it used to. My stomach is LARGE, back aches and frequent trips to the bano all contribute to this problem. Lord willing, it will be over soon, and I'll be holding our precious baby. Wheee! Good night, sweet friends.


Misty said...

sarah please post a pic of you, i would love to see you all pregnant! Glowing i am sure:) love you

Blake & Shaunna said...

You're so close! Yay! I was just excited to reach the half way mark:)

Christy said...

I, personally, LOVE your LARGE stomach. (And I only capitalized large because you did.) And I can't wait to hold your baby!!! It'll especially be fun since he probably won't use a mean voice or tell me to go home, like my dearest little dear Mikayla does. lol

It was tres fun hanging out with her, though, and dusting the piano was fun too. :) She really was good... until y'all got home. Gotta love it.

LOVE you.

Get this trivia question correct and I'll give you a treat: How many people asked me, "What happened to your face?" today????

Lovely. After a while I got tired of the same old answer so I came up with more witty ones like, "Oh, I just thought it'd be really cute if I wore this bandage." Or "I was going for the Nelly look." Fun for sure. Yep. It totally never got old hearing the same question every few seconds today! Yeah right.