Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chompin' on Rolaids

That's what I'm doing tonight. And you? It was quite comical. The other night Grace called with news that she had some bad heartburn, and she sounded exactly like me! I loved it! I guess you had to have been there. sorry.

Well, Christy treated me to Chili's today; isn't that so sweet? I do like that girl. And we discussed the fact that although our love for Mikayla is growing, her good behaviour is NOT. Isn't it kinda hard to know what to do when you're in the middle of Wal-Mart shopping and your child is acting less than ideal?? Thankfully my mom has offered to watch my dear daughter tomorrow while I get some groceries purchased. I know, I just have one, but still it's nice.

About 5 weeks left until my due date. sigh. I think I'm going to try some Proactiv for this red/dry/patchy skin of mine. Hopefully I can get that ordered tomorrow. For some reason after I had my D&C in Feb, my skin has suffered tremendously. I guess it's a hormonal thing, but if I can get rid of it, I'd LOVE to.

I have just finished the book of Genesis (what a wonderful book!) and am now in Exodous. It's been such a blessing just reading it and learning more spiritual truths! The Lord is so faithful!

Good night, sweet friends. Hope you have a blessed one!


Misty said...

So happy to see someone still post around here:) Heartburn, sorry to hear that. Of the pregnancy issues I had, I never once had heartburn. Chilis...just about my favorite place to eat here. What do you get? They have great chicken strips, corn and broccoli. Your mom got some salad when she was here and it was great! Yes kids in walmart can sometimes be a challenge. I usually leave Naomi and Luke with Mike and take Anna as she has become my little helper at walmart, plus this is a fun thing for us to do together as momma and daughter. Have a good night and I hope your heart burn eases off. love you

Grace said...

well, thanks for laughing at my heartburn:( i always thought i was sympathetic towards yours. that's ok. i did tell dean that i was so jealous of all the help you get with miggy. and yes, it's so horrible when they are misbehaving in the middle of a crowd. not much you can do at that age besides have that super strict voice and look and snap going. or you can make a trip to the bathroom, but that doesn't always work out. tell mama i love her and i hope to see you guys soon. i'll let you know when hopefully today.

Christy said...

Oh, I do LOVE that Mikayla.. even when she pushes me and says, "GO!". That girl.. ;)

And sadly, I must report that I fear my greatest fear hath come true.. Cheese and I are coming to the end. I never thought I'd see the day.. but Alas! I am mucho bummed. :( I do intend to try my best to reconcile with cheese, but lately I just don't know if it's worth it. I'll let you know... I didn't even get much sleep last night, I'm so upset. I thought me and cheese really had what it takes to last forever... Oh, what's forever for????????? ;)

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it was super great to share my Chili's card w/ you and spend time with you, Kales, and PWe.

Is Grace coming soooon????? Love you, too, Grace. :)

Christy said...

P.S. Misty, Sarah always gets the chicken sandwhich at Chili's. Yesterday I had some honey chipolte chicken strips and yes, the corn was really good! Mikayla sure enjoyed it! The strips were good but I was disappointed bc I had expected strips with a dipping sauce and it was really strips with the sauce already all over them. It was good, but kinda mushy.

Hope all is well with the SD Risse's! I saw pics of little Luke and he is precious!!

Misty said...

Thanks Christy! Good to hear from you!