Monday, December 10, 2007

32 weeks!

Less than 2 months before my due date!! I'm so excited:) I wouldn't say that time has gone by quickly, but I AM glad it's going by at all. I'm getting very big and still have several more weeks of growth. Phew!

I've decided not to get tickets for Casting Crowns. :( I prayed specifically about it, and I just don't feel a peace about ordering them. Who knows. Maybe on the 1st of February (if I'm feeling good), I'll call and see if they have any tickets still. If so, I might snatch em up and go with my lovebug. We'll see what the Lord has in store for us!

My parents have travelled up north for about 2 weeks. We (Mikayla and I) already miss them. We're used to seeing them on a regular basis, so this has been quite different, but good, actually. I'm getting things done! It's amazing what you can get accomplished when you actually DO stay home.

I've been trying to walk more regularly, and it's going quite well. I feel SOOO much better when I'm moving my feet.

ANY tips, suggestions for potty training a little girl?? That's what I'm hoping to start very soon with Mikayla. I need to do some reading up on the subject, that's for sure. I'd rather have one in diapers at a time. And like Christy said, AFTER the baby comes it will NOT be more convenient. true that. It worked for us, eh? :)


Grace said...

hey girl. congrats on the less than 8 weeks left! i'm so happy for me to be an aunt again. i'm such a good one that it's really about time for me to do it again. i just hope joseph loves me 1/2 as much as miggy moo. don't forget to call me if you ever go into labor. i'll be there in a few.

about potty training... i'm not looking forward to it. i don't really have much advice but to say it's either very easy or very hard. has nothing to do with your technique. it's all about the kid. but i say give it a shot and see if she seems remotely ready. if not, wait. you really don't have to change her diaper that often, so it wouldn't be too big of a deal to have two in diapers. and for the first year, it really doesn't make it easier. waiting in line at walmart, it's easier to let her go in a diaper than leave the line and the buggy and go to the bathroom, only for her to say, "i don't think i need to go anymore." grrr. but have fun with it. and call me with details. love you.

Grace said...

Yikes!! that was a long one for me. call me.

Christy said...


Emmie said...

Cutie! Keep growing! Love those babies. Missing you, too. "Toilet Training in Less Than a Day." It's in the Fiction (NOT TRUE--Ian) section. Have fun saying, MISS ELINOR has dry pants. With a straight face. AND, now you CAN say, EMMIE has dry pants! hehe

Misty said...

I am the last person to being giving advice on potty training since Anna was 3 before she went! I have an idea, get Sarah Ledbetter to train her, she did a good job training Anna. I tried for months and months. Sarah comes for a visit, encourages Anna by saying "You go girl" and Anna has been potty trained ever since:)