Thursday, December 13, 2007

A cRazY dream and some strange conversation

Let's begin with my dream. I hardly ever remember any of my dreams, but this one was so crazy that I had to:

My parents: We're going to have to spank you
me: You can't spank me; I won't let you
My parents: we have to
me: I'm 28 years old; I have a husband, a daughter, I'm pregnant and have had a miscarriage. I don't get spankings anymore
My mom then lunges for me with a whisk and a spoon in her hand. I dodge her and she falls and gets stuck in the corner
My parents: well, we can still spank Grace
me: yeah, that's okay

Is that not funny??? I thought so! :)

Conversation with a lady who works where my Granny is living

lady: Is she (referring to Mikayla) your only one?
me: yes, and I have one on the way
lady: but then that's it, right?
me: well, we're going to have as many as we have (duh) (trying to smile)
lady: OH GIRL!
me: (still striving to smile)
lady: well, I had one boy and one girl and that was enough for me
me: okay
lady: but you don't do anything, right?
me: right, I get to stay home with her, which is really nice
lady: yeah, that makes it easier
me: yeah

Ok, is that just weird to anyone but me?? I have ONE child who I can actually see and she feels like I'm WAY overdoing it and going overboard having another on the way, and (gasp!) maybe having ANOTHER?? The nerve of me!

Then this guy @ Kroger asked me if she was my only one; I said yes and again said that I have one on the way. Then he said that he found out after 8 times why babies are born. Some people and their humor. They have 8 children and 27 grandchildren. He then told me that he and his wife bought a one bedroom/one bathroom house so everyone wouldn't come live with them. I found that pretty funny:)

Anyway, that's been my crazy day. How was yours?


"The Grammar Grammy" said...

PS "lunges" unless you meant "had lunch with." Please delete this after editing. hehe

Emmie said...

Hey, cutie! People can be SO rude about the number of children one has! Ask me how I know.

sarahdodson said...

ha ha ha! Thanks, mom. I even proofread this crazy post. I don't want to delete that funny first comment!

Grace said...

well, dean's ready for bed, and when he's ready, i'm ready. so i'll say that i LOVED your day and wished i were part of it other than being on the phone with you for a large part of it. i'll talk more in the morning. love you.

Misty said...

I agree with your momma
love you

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

lol funny. Are you sure your to old for spankings. Just kidding. (:)

Christy said...

Oh, you and your funny conversations with people!

Thanks for a good day... I love you. :)

Misty said...

Sarah speaking of dreams...I dreamed the other day I came to the bottom of a hill and found a chick fil a here in rapid city, I was so happy! Thats pretty bad to miss chick fil a that much:)

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

thats funny!!!

people and their questions.
tis funny. lol

Laura said...

funny funny, thanks for sharing.