Thursday, December 20, 2007

What's YOUR current favorite treat?

You know how some cravings for treats come and go? Sometimes it's popcorn with pepsi, sometimes frapucchinos, sometimes chocolate(!), etc. Well, my current favorite is.... orange juice! the pulpy kind. It's soo good. I look forward to having a glass (or two) a day.

Yesterday I was feeling less than ideal and my daily ORANGE JUICE didn't even sound good. Can you imagine?! Thankfully today I'm feeling MUCH better. I don't know if I had a tiny bug (why do we call it that?) or if the new Nexium pill did the trick to me. Either way I was miserable. Mikayla cooperated quite nicely for me, which was a blessing, especially considering the energy in that girl!

So, please share. What's the treat you look forward to having? I'm curious. I know for Grace it's her dee-lish lemonade;) Any others?


Misty said...

anything chocolate! I love to dip oreos in milk and I also like those long sticks that come in a can with chocolate in them(what are they called????) We ate alot of Milanos while your parents were here and those are pretty good also! Too bad I do not have a taste now days for healthy things:)Our old pastor gave mike and I a juicer and we had the best time making orange juice and breaking our bank doing it:) it was really good, no good oranges here in South Dakota:(

Emmie said...

Treats. I thought that was something you gave to good dogs.... (Compliments of Misty. Thanks!)

Hazelnut Java Chiller from Sonic. Bliss.

Say when and I'll treat you to one.


sarahdodson said...

Misty! ALL you mentioned sounds SO good:) And Milanos are very tasty, eh? Believe me, I have a big taste for the unhealthy treats as well. rats:(

Mom, I'm with you on that one! WHEN! WHEN! Is that all it takes? :)

Grace said...

it's tasting less and less de-lish every minute. but it's going very well. let's just say it's working. yeah! so my favorite treat is... well, unfortunately, it's anything with sugar in it. but like you said, it comes in waves. a couple of days ago, i would have said hershey kisses. and before that, kashi cookies. and before that, peanut butter cookies. and before that, chips ahoy. like, the whole bag. yummo. but for now, i LOVE lemons, syrup, and cayenne pepper. and tea. mmm mmm mmm. so good. love you and glad you're feeling better.

Grace said...

oh! how could i forget seaweed wraps??? don't know if that's a treat per say (sp?) but the way i ate those things, it certainly wouldn't count as a meal.