Monday, January 28, 2008

Appointment Update

Well, today was my last appt for this baby. How exciting, eh? :) And it went well, I thought. My blood pressure is rising a bit, and I've been measuring the same for a few weeks now. The dr was a little concerned so he did a quick ultrasound to see if my fluid levels were low. Thankfully, they are not. He checked me and told me that things are progressing well and softening, etc. Yay! He's not much of a numbers guy, and that's okay with me. If I've not had the baby by the 5th of February, they'll induce that morning @ 5:30. I get excited just thinking about it! :) So, there's the news for the day. AND, we heard the baby's beautiful heartbeat- something that never gets old.

Misty's coming tomorrow with her girls and boy. I get to meet my nephew Luke! I'm thrilled for the privilege of seeing them and getting to spend time with them. She'll be staying with my parents, who live only 10 minutes away! :) I think it will help make time fly. I know, time is precious and not to be wasted. However, it does seems like time slows down when you're pregnant.

Ok, enough for tonight. Thanks for checking in! I'm very thankful for a good report for today. The Lord is good to me!


Vivi said...

He is good indeed! And I get a new baby grand this week! ZOWIE! Talk about STOKED. Thanks for supper tonight. I love you like a crazy woman.

Grace said...

okay! what are the odds that i will get to meet two nephews on the same day??? i'm so crazy hyper/excited/anxious and looking forward to all the craziness that is about to happen. love you and if it's the real thing, i'll see you in a few hours!!!! please wait for me!!! unless it's too painful. then push away! joseph, here we come. you're going to get a lot of love today (or whenever you show up:)!!!!