Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Where has all the heartburn gone?

Is that not the greatest mystery every??! I went from having heartburn quite often to wondering where in the world it jetted off to. Yipppeee!!!! Doesn't hurt my feelings one bit:) Now what can I complain about? just teasing.

My poor Miggy was NOT feeling well today so I called the dr and got her an 11am appt. She got prescribed some antibiotics (probably one of the most controversial things in mommy world, well other than vaccines and epidurals), some decongestant, and some cough medicine. While I was sitting on the table holding her, the dr touched my face and said, is that getting any better? (referring to my unsightly rash/es). So, I explained the sitution, and she prescribed some cream for me. Isn't that great?! And she did it in a very nice way. and I didn't have to make my OWN appt and pay my OWN 69.11. What a deal, eh? the best part??? It may be working already!!!!!! I'm totally stoked, although keeping in mind that "favor is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised." AND it was very inexpensive thanks to our wonderful insurance (am I the first one EVER to put those two words together?). My mom came with us, which was a real treat. Always is when she's around;)

In other news, GRACE POSTED! I know that I share that with y'all about four times a year, and it IS news that is quite important to share, I promise. It's totally worth reading. Plus, you'll see a certain pic of a certain young lady all decked out in her workout gear. It's hilarious. Just click here.

Enough for now. I'm really hoping to get some rest tonight. My sweet daughter has kept me up quite faithfully the past 2 days, so Lord willing, I can catch up on some much needed rest!


Vivi said...

Kisses to my sick Miggy, who is feeling "Pretty Good." I love you so much.

Grace said...

this is a guilt-trip comment waiting to happen:) thanks for all the press!!!! i'm sure my comments will come rolling in now:) so sad to hear about poor miggy:( i think she's just needing aunt grace-kisses. i'm being serious. hope tonight goes well for you. i was going to leave you a comment saying that i think you owe me a post, but then you up and posted. grrr... i'm so mad at how consistant you are with that whole posting thing. but thank you for it. love you.

Misty said...

glad to hear about the heart burn ceasing off, is little Joseph dropping, could be part of the heartburn cure:)love you

Laura Jablonski said...

Hi Sarah!
You might want to put Mikayla on some probiotics after she's done with those antibiotics. That will get the good bacteria back in her system. You can look at this website that tells a little more about it.
Also, you'll be able to find them in any good health food store (they have them specially for kids too.) Hope that helps!

Christy said...

I love you. Thanks for loving me. We'll talk sometime. <3

And I'm super stoked about your face cream. That's awesome that you could get it, and the price was good, and you didn't have to get an appt. etc. That's neat.