Saturday, January 12, 2008

Showered with love

Today was my baby shower! I had such a wonderful time and was thoroughly showered with love:) My mom and Christy even attended, which was a sweet treat. I was SO thirsty when I got there, and drank too much punch. ugh. It was so good, but now I've got the punch blues. I should've quenched the thirst with water, and THEN filled up on punch. But, no. Not me. I'm just regretting it a little.

My mom organized a scrapbook-making fest for me. All the ladies made a page where all I have to do is insert a picture of our son. How neat, eh?! And, my mom so kindly took pictures and will be posting them for me. (Thanks, MOM!)

Only 3 weeks left 'til my due date!! Kinda hard to imagine another one in this house. We are getting very excited, for sure.

Well, hope you enjoy the pics! :)


Misty said...

How kind the Lord's people are. I am so happy for you and your family as this big day draws near!
Praying for you and little Joseph Daniel.
love you

Christy said...

Sorry you got the punch blues.. I feared you might. lol And I am glad it worked out for me to be there with you, it was good for me.

Love you!!!!!!

Jamie Butts said...

You are sooo cute! I'm so excited for you. That looks like it was a lovely shower. Praying for your family!!

Grace said...

sorry, sweet rubber ducky, for my tardiness with my comments to your beautifully done post. i love the pictures like my own children (thanks mom!!) and the writing style that you portray is beyond explanation.

okay, i'm back. thanks for the post, sweet chickadee. i really wish i could have been at your shower. in fact, if i were any good at photoshop, i'd edit myself into the photo. i'd squeeze in between you and christy. you all looked beautiful and it seems that your lotion is working out for you. that's super. love you. call me instead of sending me that nasty text you just did. it almost sounded mean, but i know you wouldn't mean to sound so nasty if we were talking via the cell phone.

bye now, sweet photo frame for your family. miss you.

Amanda said...

oh my gosh! super cute baby shower! Love those pictures!

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

Now I'll remember not to drink to much punch. jk but sounds like it was a great one and ya had fun. (:)