Monday, January 21, 2008

Am I the only emotional one here?

For some reason I've been quite the picture of emotions lately. Perhaps it's because I'm pregnant. That's just a guess. And the fact that I'm fixing to not be anymore and the fact that my life is, once again, going to change dramatically. And the fact that I'm semi-sick and so is my daughter. Okay, I guess it all makes sense now:) Plus, I'm kinda getting cabin fever and with my mom not feeling well either, I just don't get out much. And of course that's fine b/c when I'm home, I get so much more accomplished.

Today was my 38.4 week appt! I had some high blood pressure due to OTC Tylenol I've been taking. It was 160/100. They were a little concerned, so part of the way into my appt, the dr himself took my blood pressure. It was actually quite comical. It took SO long and he squeezed my arm SO tight. I don't think he even got a reading. I think he'd better stick to giving hysterectomies and delivering babies;) (He doesn't read this, does he??! jj)

He told me that next time he'll check me (Monday!)and we'll set a date from there. Yikes! I'd rather not be induced, but I'm not extremely particular. I imagine as the time grows nearer, I'll be more and more for it.

Well, that's the bit of news from Early, where I've spent lots of one on one time with my precious girl. Whatever happened to the days of Prima Pasta and lunch specials?? sigh. I took a nice, warm bath tonight and listened to some good praise music. It was perfect. My God is so faithful to me!

ps. Mom, if you read this, be sure to NOT make that strawberry jello/pretzel/cream cheese treat and share with me. It sounds almost unsavory. hee hee! Love you!


Misty said...

love you and praying for you and your family, by the way the answer is in and it is no, i have a dr appt on wed. love you

Vivi said...

Love you, sweetie. I so understand. Thank you for a great supper. You are the best!

Grace said...

so, if there is any of that yucky jello stuff left, you're welcome to bring it up here. i'll be sure and get rid of it for you.

i can't believe it's less than 2 weeks!!! i don't know what to say about it. except that i can't wait to meet little mr. daniel. or joseph, as everyone but miggy will know him as. so let's try to plan this thing for a friday evening. i'm pretty sure that would work best for us. let me know. remember, "start your engines." or did we change it? this isn't working out. maybe you should just say, "grace, i think i'm in labor so if you want to load that suitcase you already have packed and ready to go, that'd be great." that way i won't get any mixed signals with the "yo" thing.

love you.

Misty said...

how exciting Grace, I am so happy I think I may be there too!! I was so happy that we were able to be there when little Abby came into the world so nice and quickly!
love you sarah

lauradodson said...

so sorry to hear babe and mom are not 100%...i did mail your package today, finally, with some cheer me up goodies...I know Kayles will be too young for the books (I think) but I couldn't help buying them. They look so good.

TTFN and rest some more.