Saturday, January 26, 2008

If I could post pictures...

then here's what I'd show you today:

~the baby blanket I (with my mother's help, of course!) made!!!!!! :) I'm really quite stoked about it. I'm quite sure there are better looking blankets out there with MUCH prettier stitching, but there's not one quite like this one. It's certainly made with love- I even got poked many times!- and it's a light blue camo; cute, cute, cute, if I do say so myself. And my hubby's impressed:) which makes me all the prouder! (in a good way, of course:)

~Mikayla's new shirt that her Aunt Laura got for her, which came in the mail today:) VERY cute with an owl on it and the perfect size, too! Not to mention TWO books, which she loves and loved tearing the wrapping paper off. Thanks, Aunt Laura! You know how to make a little girl's day!

~Jody's newest gift from his mother-in-law. A neti pot. Great invention, if you ask me. right, Grace?? Thanks, ma!

~My ever growing belly. It's big. Need I say more?

THANKFULLY, I'm feeling much better. Although the coughing is still there, it's somehow different and Mikayla is also doing better. Yay! :) I looked back at her in our vehicle yesterday and she was just looking out the window and SMILING. Something she's not done too much of. It was good for this mommy's heart:) Maybe it's b/c she knew we were off to Emmie's house...

ONE WEEK 'til my due date. Unbelievable! Jody told me that if I've not had the baby by the 1st, then he'll take me to see Casting Crowns that evening. He thinks I'm VERY CRAZY for wanting to go, but I say, why not?! After I (lovingly) called him a dream squelcher, he said we could go. :) What a great guy!

Last but certainly not least, Misty (my sis-in-law) and family are coming for a visit! The plan is for her to be here when the baby's born. Whoo hoo! Hopefully we'll get to spend some good/quality time together while she's here. And I get to see my nieces and meet my NEW NEPHEW LUKE! :) I'm excited.

Monday is my appt and I will let you know how it goes. I know you're all on the edge of your seats, just like we are!

ps. I think we're all going to be able to be in church tomorrow!! It's been almost a month and we've missed it so much.


Vivi said...

Seamstress Sarah! Good job! Bring on little Joseph--I'M ready! Love to all.

Grace said...

Dear Sarah,
I'm delighted to hear that you are all doing well. I apologize again for the late acknowledgment of your wonderfully written post. I am so looking forward to meeting the boy with whom the blanket belongs to. What a sweet mother to labor in preparing warmth for her little one. He will truly appreciate the gift. (until miggy steals it:)

what are you doing??? i really do miss you and wish i could see that little basketball of a tummy you have. call me if there's ANY chance of true/false labor. or if you're at home. or on the road. or at walmart, mom's, prima pasta, christy's, chicken express, chick-fil-a, the mall, or to let me know that you're still breathing.

All my love,