Saturday, April 14, 2007

No day @ the park

How sad. We were fully expecting to enjoy a nice WARM day at the park (Coggin), and it was absolutely too cold. Oh well. We enjoyed our time indoors- just being together as family. We did, however, make it out to the track where I jogged my half mile in the very windy and cold weather. Even Jody and Mikayla (all bundled up) came out to support me. When they were watching me plod around the track, Jody told me Mikayla kept saying "mama." :) awww... I love being a mommy.

I wish I could link b/c I'd have one to my mom's new post. It's so funny. A very energetic puppy (maybe it has ADD) showed up at their place, and my parents want TO KEEP IT. Unreal. They even bathed "Boo" and baked him some homemeade dog treats. I'm just tickled about the whole ordeal:)

I hope everyone has a good Lord's day tomorrow. It will be nice to be in church again. We didn't have services last week, so it seems like it's been forever.

Lord willing, we'll be heading to McKinney Monday morning- mama, Mikayla and me! I'm looking forward to a very nice visit (it always is when my sissy is involved) and just getting to spend time there. I even get to workout at their cool gym.

ps. Jamie, glad you're in with the running gang! :)


Emmie said...

Yeah, McKinney! Can't wait. Genghis Khan calls me!

Sorry about the Day Not in the Park. Ralph had 3 riders all day. Seems like they won't try at another time....

The little Boo likes his muffins! The whole thing IS too cute coming from the Papa.