Saturday, April 07, 2007

What would thoughtful parents do?

My poor daughter's legs are BARE IN THE SNOW. We really don't have her in shorts; her pants just scooted up for the picture. It's crazy that it snowed a bunch here yesterday. The other picture of Mikayla was taken the day before the snow one. My lovely parents had us over last night for a wonderful dinner at their house- meatloaf, carrots, potatoes with mushrooms, and avocado slices. Yummy! Afterwards we trotted over to see if Christy's cats were still alive- they were. phew.
I'm stoked about all the ladies wanting to participate in the 4k (Vivi, Grace, Laura, CC, etc.). I do appreciate the good advice from Heather, although I can't see myself EVER running 12-14 miles. WOW! It's been a HUGE goal of mine to run in a race for a long time now. And this year seems like the perfect time to do it. Just to clear something up here: when I say "run", I mean a s- l- o -w jog. I didn't want to deceive anyone- ha! I won't purposefully go slow, but will "run" the best that I can:)
It's been a VERY lazy day. Our church services were cancelled this morning AND this evening. This morning b/c of weather and this evening b/c of people being out of town. SO, I think my dear Joseph is going stir-crazy. I might be joining him.
Ok, I'm off to look at a vest for my lovebug. No, CC, not a sweater vest like you're so fond of. Hope you all have a good evening.
ps. what are some of YOUR goals?
do share.


sarahdodson said...

well, the other pic of Mikayla USED to be on the left. oops

Grace said...

ouch. sarah was the first to comment on her own post. i'd better help her self esteem by saying something. thanks for the oh-so-cute pictures. and hey, if you're running with me, you'd better pick up your pace. just kidding. but we do need to remember that it is a race and we need to try and step it up a little. really looking forward to it. it seems so doable. no adorable, doable. it felt like it had a typo. call me sometime. hope the vest for jody works out. love you.

Emmie said...

Sweet pics! (Who IS that photographer of yours?) I gotta go find where CC said she would join us! Yahooey, to quote Mr. Elmo. I did notice Miggy's bare calves--she's taking after Grandpa! Lubs!

Laura said...

ok. as promised to myself, i will not throw a fit. SNOW! AGAIN! *sigh* I cannot believe the hugeness of those flakes. What fun! We did get some very cold, rainy weather the day after Mom and Dad left...when they were here we had dinner and lunch outside it was so beautiful. I love the cold.


finish reading my ONE YEAR plan. Much less ambitious than 90 days, but I'm loving it.

get to the gym---today. (I've been sick last week and this weekend.)

and, ahem, try??? to do that running thing you're talking about...will see. I've never been a jogger, plus I don't have any 2K races coming up.

Elizabeth said...

wow. i cannot believe it snowed for you guys on Easter!! every time i read about the weather in other parts of the country, i remind myself not to complain about 63 degrees here in southern california! :0) glad to see you had a great day in spite of the snow!

Christy said...

You didn't miss a thing PWe.. Sarah just "signed" me up. That girl..

And dear girl, I do believe that it was one John Sherrill that was ever so fond of sweater vests, not me. Unless of course, it was John's sweater vest. And also, if I'm not mistaken.. wasn't Russ also quite fond of those sweater vests?? .. probably after John started a trend. Yep.

Anyhoo.. the new meds are doing me in so we'll see... I was SICK today. Worse than yesterday. I'll prob give it a few more days and call the the dr.. unless tomorrow is really worse than today.

Thanks for the chicken last night. And your friendship always. And especially for the prayers for my daddy.


sarahdodson said...

Christy, PLEASE don't try to hide the fact that you are/were VERY fond of sweater vests. And yes, Russ could pull 'em off as well as John. Hmmm, maybe I should get Jody one...

Hope you feel better SOON.