Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lace 'em up, Ladies!

Who's with me? I'm planning on running a 4k (2.5 miles) within 2 months, and a 5k (3.1 miles) within 3 months. I found a neat program online (where else?) that I want to try. The 4k is in Dublin (Dr. Pepper) TX on June 9th. Anybody interested? Then we could all do the race together. Woudn't that be fun?? If so, we're starting on Monday with this workout:

Monday- rest (I knew you'd like it:)
Tuesday- .5 mile run + 1 mile walk
Wednesday- rest
Thursday- .5 mile run + 1 mile walk
Friday- rest
Saturday and Sunday- rest one day, .5 mile run + 1 mile walk

Sounds easy enough, right? :)

AND, for other news: Lord willing, I'll be finishing my 90 day Bible challenge on Monday!!! I was pretty far behind b/c we had so much LOVELY company (which I thoroughly enjoyed- don't get me wrong). I'm seeing the finish line...

Lastly, a few minutes ago, a spider floated down on me. shiver. Those things are so NOT appealing to me. I nearly dropped this laptop all for a tiny spider. I'm crazy.

Good night, my faithful readers.
Are you game?


Emmie said...

I'll start on April 25th, after my appointment. How's that? I'm game. (I can't believe I wrote that. I HATE running!) (Must be the excitement of almost being finished with the 90 Days. I see the finish line!Good job, Mi!) It's 3:02, and the papa is sleeping for another hour. The symphony of the nose was just too much. Love you!

Chad and Heather said...

Sarah, the plan sounds good. What I did when I was training for the 20K was to run 2-4 miles on Tuesday and Thursday and run more miles on Saturday, increasing by a mile every 2 weeks so I worked up to 13-14 miles. I would suggest to increase maybe 0.5 miles every 2 weeks on your weekend run, and keep the weekly runs shorter (maybe even working on speed during the week). Hope this makes sense and hope that it helps.

Grace said...

you know i'm game. it really sounds like fun. and not too hard. i'm going to try to do the weekday ones on a treadmill and the weekend one outside around the neighborhood. can't wait. thanks for the encouragement. and mom??? did i just read what i thought i read??? i didn't know you did things like that! and you've got the shoes to do it. love you.

Cole said...

Awe thank you!!! I am getting my cd from my photographer with all my pictures from the wedding any day now, and thats they cover she made for it!!! She took a TON of pictures!!!! :-D

Laura said...

ugh. for real?!? uh, i'll pray about it... eek. :o|

Christy said...

I like how you signed me up.. considering how we all know that my foot will never heal. Good one.

Love you.

35% - Chris's numbers added 21 + 14.

Love you.