Thursday, April 12, 2007

Scratch and Sniff...Gotcha!

Odd subject, eh? Well, that's what was printed on one of the TWELVE packets of fire sauce I received today at Taco Bell to go on my ONE bean burrito (with sour cream, of course). It's crazy how that guy just grabbed a huge handful for my little burrito. I've got lots left over.

My dear mommy watched our Mikayla today while I got in the second workout to train for the 5k. I started to go to the track, but when I was pulling up, I saw lots of kids (who looked like ants) piling onto the track, so I turned around and headed to Coggin. There were also lots of "kids" there (they're sure looking young these days!) playing tennis. It didn't look like there was much competition AT ALL. I really shouldn't say anything; I'm sure they all could've easily beat me. Aww... memories of tennis in high school. I was horrible and it was HOT.

Mike said they're naming their SON Jody Gregory. How nice, huh? Isn't that neat??? They're expecting a BOY!!! They just found out today. I'm teasing about the name. I believe they're going for the name Luke, which is a lovely Bible name!! I'm thrilled for them. Misty and I were due about the same time with our babies. It makes me kinda sad to think that we could've found out (around this time) if the baby we lost was a boy or girl. God knows.

I guess that's all the exciting news for the day. Oh yeah. Grace and fam won several vacations; hey, no fair! When we "won" our "prize", it only cost us 10 bucks. It could've been a LOT worse.We got hosed. Oh well. Good night!


Emmie said...

We DO celebrate little Gregory Gregory coming up! Joy!

Waste, waste--shame on Taco Bell. And we wonder why prices always rise....

Thanks for letting me kidnap your Miggy (and she even brought her here!). We had a great time. She is preciosa! And so are YOU!

Good job on the running. In less than 2 weeks I'll be joining you. Shotgun you push the stroller....

Grace said...

girl, let's not bring up yesterday. still a sore subject. just kidding. loved the post. and i've had those t.b. sauces come in handy later, so take em. congrats on being so far ahead of me in the race. i really need to step it up if i'm going to be competing with you. off to walmart, like always.
love you.
p.s. not that this is p.s. material, but i'm so happy about dean jody gregory junior. i can't imagine what a boy from that family will look like. maybe a baby will actually look like a risse. wouldn't that be a change? he will be so handsome. can't wait.

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

I'm behind on commenting on here. First of all, I've been keeping up with your progress (via your blog posts, of course) about the 90 day Bible. Encouraged by you and sweet Vivian. I'm just sticking with my 1 chapter from OT and 1 from NT each day for now and some memory goals, but I really was so encouraged by your discipline. You are right! We can all find time for so many things. If not TV, well, blogs for one? Just wanted to say you are an encouragement - even from afar. AND... I'd do the 5K with you, but I need to be on a different schedule. Hope to run one this summer though! So... in some ways, sign me up. D and I are getting back in to shape. It can be really fun too. Thanks for the encouragement you are to me. I saw a picture of you and Jody at our wedding the other day that made me smile. Love you!

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

You've gotta read Disciplines of Grace.. the book on my blog awhile back. You'd love it.