Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sweet reflections

One year ago today, I experienced one of the most phenomenal experiences that a human can know. I had the supreme privilege of going into labor. The contractions started, and so did my tears. Happy tears. Just thinking of that evening brings about tears. My God is such an indescribably kind God.

To have a baby is supremely wonderful. To know that the Lord gave her life, made her little body to grow, and allowed her to come into this world is amazing!! I never want to take that for granted, and I pray I never will . I think Jada's brief life will help me all the more to not take life for granted.

"Because thy lovingkindness is better than life,
my lips shall praise thee.

Thus will I bless thee while I live:
I will life up my hands in thy name."

~Psalm 63: 3, 4

I LOVE my (our!) precious baby girl. And tomorrow she'll be turning 1. Incredible. I've grown to love her more than my own life. Being a mother is just plain nice. There's nothing like it. The Lord has taught me much and I have no doubt will continue teaching me through Mikayla's life. Our prayer is that she'll come to know and love the One who is the giver of life!

Good night. I'm a happy mother indeed!!! and most blessed.


Grace said...

oh oh... i want to call mikayla in 8 minutes and be the first to ever wish her a happy birthday. you wouldn't mind if i woke her up at midnight would you? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIKAYLA!!!!!!!!!!!!! aunt grace loves you.

Emmie said...

Who knew Grace had all THAT in her? Happy Birthday, Miggy! I love you forever and ever!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Mikayala! We love you.

Christy said...

Girl, I thought you were gonna call me at 3a.m. for nostalgia.. Oh well.. I stayed up writing Mikayla a letter about how one year ago aunt Grace woke me up super early and I caught every green light from Blanket to BRMC and almost beat you and Jody! lol You know how much I love, love, love that girl!!! There just aren't enough words! Thanks for letting me be such a big part of her life.. I love spending soooo much time with her.

Happy birthday, Mikayla Grace! You are a JOY and I LOVE YOU!!!

Christy said...

P.S. Lovely photo! Don't forget to credit the photographer.. you know, just to avoid any copyright issues. ;)

sarahdodson said...

Laura, Emmie, and Grace:

I need to tell you that the pic was taken by the fabulous photographer Christy Chan. She's great; I highly recommend her;)

Anonymous said...

Hey there, Sarah!!! Thought I'd drop by your blog. ALWAYS SO ENCOURAGING and uplifting to read your posts! How blessed is your Hubbie, Mikayla, Precious Mama, and Sweet Grace are to have you! ;o)

We wish Mikayla a very Happy Birthday!! ;o)

Forever in Him---tara;o)

Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday, Mikayla!!! You are definitely a gift from God to your mommy and daddy and your whole family!!!