Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fruit kick

Am I the only one on a fruit kick? Isn't it so yummy?? My husband and I can't seem to get enough of it. Lately he's asked me to make him fruit salads, and in it I put- apples, oranges, grapes, bananas, pineapple, mango, strawberries, kiwi, and (thanks to my mommy), BLUEBERRIES. Makes for a pretty good little salad. And we've been making smoothies. Does anyone out there have a good recipe for a smoothie?? If so, please share. They can sure be pretty yummy.

We're having Mikayla's Aunt Laura and her 2 boys come, Lord willing, next weekend. Yay! (Laura, I'll email you a menu choice to see what you and your boys prefer to eat!:) We're really looking forward to seeing them and getting to spend time with them.

Today was a good day @ church. Since I've become a mommy I don't hear all the messages preached/taught like I used to. I've got a slight distraction. :) Hopefully, she'll start being able to sit in church without me having to take her out so often. What a girl. She's SO worth it!

I'd better jet. Grace and Mom (not to mention others), it's time for a new POST! Good night, sweet ladies. Y'all are the best! :)


Grace said...

fixin' to go to the gym. just wanted to say thanks for the post and sorry, i don't have any recipes. but i do wish i was there to have a yummy smoothie for breakfast. and, oh yeah, i'm going to smoke everyone in this coggin race. i'd better make sure i look good from behind b/c that's all you guys will be seeing. bye.

Emmie said...

(Excuse ME, Gracie!)

I made a pretty good smoofie here the other night, you may recall. Fruit is good, and good for what ails you. Can't wait for cantaloupe to be in season. The BEST!

Thanks for letting me play with El Miggy. She's tops.


Your Emmie

Laura said...

We're so excited for Friday!!! We'll be heading out Sun. morning...and come back thru on Fri. afternoon if that's still alright.

Ok. Fruit-we like banana and strawberry fresh, add some frozen strawberries, too, strawberry/banana yogurt, a small container, milk and blend it up. YUM-O! I even grind flax seed for me to put in there but the boys don't like the grainy texture. Do the same thing with mixed berries-fresh and frozen, raz yog., and milk. mmmmmmmmm.

sarahdodson said...

Grace, I'll just say I agree with mom- Excuse ME! Just you wait...

Mom, you're so special! Yes, I did enjoy a good smoothie at your house. But, I enjoy ANYthing @ your house:)

Laura, YAY! We're stoked about y'all coming! :)That strawberry/banana smoothie sounds good! We enjoy a mango/pineapple one.