Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Happy Birthday, Aunt Laura!

A very happy birthday wish for my sister-in-law Laura! I hope you have a most wonderful, blessed day- being thankful for the years of life the Lord's given you:)

We got a new armoire (sp??). My dear husband put it together on Saturday. We got quite a deal on it, too. It went from 200, to 150, to 124. So, we snatched it up. We're hoping to sell our old entertainment center @ our yard sale on the 17th. HOPEFULLY we'll be able to get rid of lots of things. Slowly we're decluttering our cluttered home. And we're lovin' it.

My mom took a picture of it, so I'm waiting for her to send it to me. So, while I have a few moments, what's going on with YOU? Yes, you. I care and I'd like to know. Anyone?

Lord willing, my Joseph will be starting a straight day job (still @ 3M) very soon. After working shift work for over 7 years, this will be quite nice. He's eager to get into a set schedule. I'm encouraged for the strong possibility of it.

My dad came over for lunch. We had egg sandwiches and baked chips and water. When he left for Cisco, I snuck in a fiber bar. I know I talk about fiber too much (well, Grace thinks so anyway), but I'm a fiber fan. And a fruit fan. And walking fan. And a Mikayla fan. Ok, that's enough. Sorry.

Let's see if we can get that pic to show up...


Emmie said...

Lovely pic. Who IS your photographer?

Happy Birthday, sweet sis!

I'm off to finally post. I love you and yours!

Laura said...

:o) THANK YOU! and that armoire is gorgeous! I love getting furniture.

Christy said...

Thanks for calling to check on me; so sweet you and your mama are to me. Can't wait for BOGO next week!! I hope I get well by then.. and by well, I mean back to normal which is still sick, but not this sick. LOVE YOU.

I miiiiiiiiiis Mikayla!!!! Rumor has it me and your mom are coming over tomorrow evening... is that even close to being true?!??? I promise I am not contageous (sp?).. just me, you know.

Show Mikayla a picture of me before hand so my feelings won't be hurt by her not remembering me.. it has been a few days since she's seen me you know.

Tell Mingus hi.

This was a long comment. I gotta go... HOUSE is about to be on... ;)

sarahdodson said...

emmie, you KNOW who our favorite photographer is---- YOU! :)

Laura, it IS fun to get new furniture, eh?

CC, looking forward to the BOGO. Although it's not really going to be BOGO b/c I didn't/couldn't print out the coupon. Sorry. rats. But, we'll go @ Happy Hour! Whoo hooo:)